I’m ❤ing ClassPass

I’ve been pushing ClassPass hard to all my followers + friends and with good reason. CP arrived in KC last month and personally, I thought the moment would never come. I feel like Kansas City is usually the last place to get kewl things but times are changing. CP is in 28 different American cities and in February, the company booked 600,000 reservations through its services – wowza!

cp stuff

I honestly think ClassPass is the next Uber, #gamechanger. A monthly membership for (only) $79 gives you access to classes at all my fave spots and studios. The membership is unlimited, meaning you can workout every day and visit each studio on the service up to three times a month.

For my lifestyle, this fitness innovation is a dream come true. Memberships at the studios around town can really break the bank when you want to hop around. Drop-in rates can cost you upward $20-$35 for a single session.

Besides the obvi, here are 5 reasons why I LOVE ClassPass.

1. Pure convenience: Not only do they have an app to easily book classes on the go but there are a multitude of classes offered every 30 minutes from 5am – 8pm. The “I’m so busy” spiel won’t work anymore!

2. Variety: CP encourages you to try new things. You can go to barre one day, cycle the next and end your week doing CrossFit. I think it is important to switch things up and try new things. You get to challenge your body!

3. Motivational + Social: Once your crew signs up, it’s motivating to workout with friends. The desktop log in makes it super easy to share your schedule and follow friends.

4. There are classes all over town: No matter where you’re at, there is something near you. Even in Lawrence people!

5. Holds you accountable: CP sends you scheduled reminders and chargers you for no shows. If you must cancel, you’ve got to do it 12 hours ahead of time.

BONUS: You get to try cutting edge workouts – Megaformer at The Body Lab & the Synergy 360 machine at City Gym.

For a limited time, if you sign up by clicking my special link here, you’ll receive a $20 credit. New members only. #ad


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