A native Kansan (now located in Portland), Kirsten has been an athlete her entire life. Before running, she fueled her competitive spirit with sports like soccer, volleyball and gymnastics. With all the options out there these days, fitness can be fun! She aims to expand views on fitness so people feel inspired to try something new.


Kirsten is a runner at heart and that is why she is a proud Garmin Ambassador. She runs destination marathons multiple times a year. She has crossed finish lines in San Francisco, LA, Portland, Chicago, Vancouver, B.C. and other locations. As a non-fitness professional, she started blogging to share her fitness journey in hopes that others would take the leap too and conquer similar challenges all while learning to love + appreciate the skin they’re in. Her stance has also been focused on giving back to the community. In 2016 she held charity workout events to raise funds for the Victory Project as well as involvement with Yoga on the Pitch & Indulge KC for REbel. She and her then fiancé, Chance Myers were awarded 2016 Humanitarians of Year via Sporting Kansas City. Peep her instagram to stay up-to-date on upcoming events.


Sweat Adventures covers fit fashion, healthy eats, charitable causes, boutique fitness, outdoor and running with the focus on helping others make healthier choices all while discovering the best version of themselves.

KG jumping


Highlight Moment: Traveling to Chicago with 48 other athletes for the Nike #GetOutHere Challenge Finals.

Instagram: @SweatAdventures
Twitter: @kgrade
Contact: sweatadventures@gmail.com
A really cute French Bulldog: @Bonjour_Knox


6 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey!
    I LOVE your entire blog and everything you do and stand for! I feel like I am reading my life on paper. 1- I love your March mindfulness. I completely agree and am also trying to follow similar steps! 2 – I think we are fitness soul sisters! I love trying new gyms and work outs. I have heard of/tried majority of the ones you listed! I also go to 24-hour (definitely my home away from home), I go to the AM cycling during the week, and bop into the occasional les mills classes. PiYo is my secret love as well! (only yoga class I like there).
    I wanted to write to give you a new gym idea for your blog…
    Have you tried Fusion Fitness? Definitely one to add to your list (F- Fusion!). It is awesome full body cardio + body weight work out. Totally reliable every time.
    Also, Core Yoga (Antioch and 127th street in Overland Park). it is ‘warm’ yoga, heated to about 90 I’d say. Baron Baptiste style with a quick flow! Love it!

    My fiancé actually found this blog and passed it along to me, he said “this is basically you in a nutshell… It has your state of mind written all over it.” 🙂 I told him we are our own type of person – competitive, loving, nature/outdoorsy, whole-hearted, and mindful (most of the time) 🙂

    Enjoy and best of luck with adventuring and finding new places to try! Looks like you’ll be up for a challenge to continue finding new studios now that you’ve knocked out all of the main KC attractions. There are a few Brookside Pilates and yoga spots, unsure about the quality/intensity.
    Maybe next you can add KC restaurants to your blog! (That’s what I told my fiancé my dream and passion would be — to blog about fitness, body/soul/spirit, and KC Foodie. Plus I’d have a bakery on the side 😉 I love writing + journaling so it all adds up.)


    1. Tracy, thank you so much for the kind note! It is so encouraging and I really appreciate it. I have lots of rad content planned for the next few months that I think you will enjoy. Yes, I have tried Fusion. I am currently doing Fusion Fly classes – another thing on my list to report on. Don’t be afraid to say hello if you see me out and about. -kg


  2. Hi Kirsten!
    I just opened EverFit in March and would love to have you visit us in a month are so! We have a variety of classes each week(>60), offering just about everything you can think of(Barre, Spin, Boxing, Pilates, Zumba, Yoga, HIIT). We even have a class that blends boxing, cycling and weights! I am the owner and just wanted to have a place that offers a variety of classes to make it easy to get and stay fit. Thanks for considering!


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