W E L C O M E: I’m Kirsten

Hey-yo! I’m Kirsten Myers. I’m a wife, mama, adventure advocator and lifestyle blogger. Here and on IG, I share my raw and ever-evolving wellness + motherhood journey. Peep the blog for inspo regarding holistic healing, fitness, travel, self-care, #momlife and more. I hope I inspire you to get off your tush and try something new!  Read More

Toddler bed transition with My Green Mattress

The big day has arrived. Our baby transitioned to a “big girl” bed. The crib to bed transition is a natural and inevitable one of toddlerhood but never-the-less it is very bittersweet. There are so many ways to do this transition (toddler bed, twin bed or Montessori type bed, etc.) but ultimately we decided to put Logan in a twin sized bed. For us, this was a longterm play — knowing that a twin bed would last her much longer! She also has so many stuffed animals that she needed the room! There’s no right answer in terms of which bed to choose; you just need to consider which works best for your toddler and your family.

Hiking in Tennessee with Zoku

When most people think of Nashville, they think of country music and nightlife, not the great outdoors. There is a reason Nashville is named Music City but there is actually quite a bit of nature to enjoy in and around town. I love sharing that unexpected side of Tennessee with people. To celebrate #InternationalDayOfForests, I went on a family hike with Zoku out to a hidden lake just 15 minutes from Downtown Nashville.

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Staycation: Pomelo Grove

If you’ve been following me for a while, you know that our family loves the outdoors. Before having Logan, we traveled full-time for nearly a year in our 2004 Land Cruiser across the country. It has always been a dream of ours to renovate a vintage camper and be off-the-grid. For a night, we got to pretend at Pomelo Grove.

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Hiking with babies and toddlers

During Covid-19, a lot of families are turning to the outdoors for a much-needed escape. Outdoor activities with little ones can present unique challenges but making the extra effort is incredibly rewarding and fun. And you’re sure to create long-lasting memories for years to come. Going out into nature with your little ones lets you see familiar places through new eyes— because everything is so NEW to them. How freakin’ awesome!

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Meet a Mama: Tessa Vickers

Hi! I’m Tessa and I was born and raised in Leawood, Kansas, I went to Kansas State University and met my husband, Ryan, in Kansas City. After getting engaged, we decided to quit our jobs and move to Denver, Colorado. We have been married for 6 years and have lived in sunny Colorado for over 7 years. We currently live in Golden, Colorado where we are in the process of remodeling our home. We are so grateful for all Colorado has to offer our family; there are so many wonderful outdoor activities, it makes being a stay at home mama a lot easier and more fun. I love a good weekday hike followed by a delicious craft beer (let me know if you want to join!). We have one little girl, Lennon, who is 16 months old and has brought so much love and joy to our lives. I love being a SAHM with my girl, time does not seem to slow down and I want to savor every minute I can with her.

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Five wellness rituals to add to your routine

Hopefully, you’re reading this because you realize self-care is important. As a new mama, it can be hard to make time for myself but I realize that when I do invest in myself, I’m a better human overall. I’m able to show up as my best self and be more present. Of course, I love self-care in the form of manicures and facials but I’m always on the lookout for natural ways to cultivate healthy habits. Especially if they keep me well, happy and thriving. The below rituals aren’t new by any means, actually, some of them are gaining in popularity but I thought it would be fun to roundup some of my favorites to share with ya’ll.

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Chattanooga Travel Guide

When we moved to Nashville, Chattanooga quickly became a spot on our must-visit list. As outdoor lovers, we knew it would be a great place for a mini-vacation. A lot of people head to the Great Smokey Mountains but we knew we wanted a destination that we felt we could conquer in a long weekend. The best part, it is only a 2.5hr drive from Nashville.

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Meet a Mama: Allie Bates

Hello! My name is Allie Bates and I was born and raised in Jefferson City, Missouri. I spent my college years at The University of Central Missouri majoring in Public Relations and cheering on our Mules and Jennies on the sidelines with the UCM Dance Team. I met my husband, Brett, in 2010 and we got married in September of 2013 in Kansas City where we currently live. We got pregnant with our (surprise!) identical twin boys, Brody and Beckham, and they decided they must kick off the new year right by gracing us with their presence on January 1st, 2015.

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Meet a Mama: Amanda Besler

Hi! My name is Amanda Besler. I was born and raised in Kansas City. I went to college down the road at the University of Kansas where I was a track and cross country athlete. My husband and I got married in 2013 and we live in Kansas City where he plays for Sporting Kansas City. I stay at home with our two girls — Parker (almost 4) and Marin (almost 2). We are surrounded in Kansas City with lots of family (that help us out a lot) and friends (who keep us sane, especially those SAHM friends!). We enjoy being outside with loved ones. Today I am going to share with you some of my favorite products and mama hacks.

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Easy ways to create a less toxic home

Creating a healthier, less toxic home can seem daunting. I get it, there are so many resources and products out there shouting down at you. I truly believe the best way to start is to just jump in and select a few ways you believe you can consistently make a difference in your home. Don’t feel pressured to do all these things at once. I personally ditched the all-or-nothing mindset and just embraced that I’m doing my best to create a greener home. I’ve been doing this now for almost three years and I can tell you it’s an ever-evolving journey — you live and you learn.

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