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Managing colic with Babocush

If you’ve been following along over on Instagram, you know that Logan has been an extra fussy baby. Since birth, she’s had feeding issues, which ultimately resulted in belly issues too. This swirl of circumstances has made her a little colicky. Desperate to try all the things, I think we’ve finally found our groove with her as best we can. She’s not completely fuss-free (b/c what baby actually is!?) but she’s one thousand times better.

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Over the weekend I hosted my very first event with Logan Bell. While in Kansas City, we got to host a fun mommy and me workout at Barre3 Kansas City with DuoFit activewear and other venders like Unbakery Juicery + Lauren Alexandra.

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The perfectly adjustable, lightweight baby carrier

Hunting for the perfect baby products can be daunting. There is SO MUCH on the market these days. I know when I was crafting my registry I turned to friends and family members for suggestions but the truth is every baby is different.

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Must watch summer series

Chance and I don’t have cable so we’re avid Netflix and Hulu watchers. We rely heavily on our Roku. Since having Logan, we’ve watched our share of new shows so I thought I’d suggest FOUR series for summer viewing. I tried to choose some that are obviously “lesser-known” because let’s be honest, we’ve all watched Stranger Things 3 and 13 Reasons Why. So without further rambling …

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Tips for staying healthy on vacation

Okay, let’s be honest. Vacation is for relaxation. But if you’re like me, I’m always consciously finding ways to maintain a healthy lifestyle even when I’m on vacation because I just FEEL better. I got really good at this last year since I never had a home base. Our life was constantly about being on-the-go.

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Labor & Postpartum Recovery

I recently answered a few questions on my Instagram stories about labor and postpartum recovery. One of the topics requires an awful lot of explanation so I thought why not write a detailed blog post on my thoughts.

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My 4th Trimester

So here we are, a few weeks into my fourth trimester. The fourth trimester is a period described by expert Dr. Harvey Karp as the first three months of a baby’s life. It is a time when a newborn is adjusting to life outside of the womb. It’s filled with a tremendous amount of changes and development for the baby and is becoming more recognized as an important phase of a little one’s early days.

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My birth journey

As many of you may know, I was very passionate about having a natural birth with Logan. When I envisioned giving birth, it was just how I always pictured it. I wanted a more peaceful environment vs. a hospital, which to me, felt a little more sterile and uncomfortable. My overall goal was to avoid as many interventions as possible to eliminate risks and side effects and I knew that aiming for a natural birth would be a step in the right direction.

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Summer Adventure Guide – Page, AZ

Last year Chance and I were lucky enough to travel for over 9 months completely untethered. We had countless road trips and adventures in our Land Cruiser. We most frequently drove from LA to Kansas City and explored for several weeks in between. Over that time, we quickly figured out our favorite areas and while we enjoyed going to new places, we also found ourselves drawn to the places we had grown to love. One of those areas being Page, Arizona and Lake Powell.

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