B is for Body Lab

The Body Lab has gotten a lot of press lately with write-ups in INK, The Pitch and The Kansas City Star. Now that I have my handy ClassPass membership, I decided to give it a whirl last week. The Body Lab is located in Town Center Crossing but has two other locations in Arizona. The studio specializes in Legree Fitness and the workout is centered around the Megaformer, which is a pilates reformer machine on steroids.

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#TuesdayTunes ♫

Music really motivates me during a workout or run. Some people can do books on tape but I’m not down with that. When I’m running or cycling, I need high tempo jams to match my cadence. My Marathon Mix is my go-to playlist and I have been perfecting it over the last year. I add new songs that strike my fancy and remove songs that I find myself skipping over (nexting). If you like EDM, I think you’ll love it just as much as I do.

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Rest days between workouts are important

I struggle with taking days “off” and this is partly the reason why I am blogging it. I should practice what I preach so maybe writing about it will hold me more accountable?

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W E L C O M E: I’m Kirsten

Hey-yo! I’m Kirsten Myers. I’m a wife, mama, adventure advocator and lifestyle blogger. Here and on IG, I share my raw and ever-evolving wellness + motherhood journey. Peep the blog for inspo regarding holistic healing, fitness, travel, self-care, #momlife and more. I hope I inspire you to get off your tush and try something new!  Read More

R is for Rock the Parkway

Rock the Parkway is a little over two months away so I figured I’d mention this race first. A lot of runners will tell you that this half marathon (or 5k) is a must. I participated in 2014 and ran for a friend that could no longer run. Race week for me was tough. We had just closed and moved into our new home only to discover that the floors had to be refinished, which meant we had to move out and live in a hotel for a week. It was one of the most stressful weeks of my life (long story). Unfortunately, race day was not easy for me either – I struggled almost the entire race. I was tired and most certainly had shin splints. I got almost the exact same time as my first half marathon and I was dissapointed. (I’m super competitive with myself.) My current PR is 1:45 but my time that day was a lot slower. Some days just aren’t your day!

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