B is for Beach Party Half Marathon

So the bae is recovering from a super serial injury. Last season (spring 2014) he ruptured his Achilles during a match and has been working his a$$ off ever since to get back to his passion of playing soccer. I’m over ambitious and figured he’d be back on the pitch by now so I booked a flight to L.A. for the Galaxy game and figured I’d check off my first destination race in sunny CA while I was there. Long story short, he’s not 100% (but don’t worry, he’s oh-so-close). He wasn’t able to travel but that didn’t stop me from running 13.1.

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B is for Brew to Brew

I’ve never done a relay before so I was really excited for this one. Brew to Brew is a point-to-point 45.3 mile relay from Boulevard Brewery in KC, MO to basically Johnny’s Tavern in Lawrence, KS. The relay consists of 10 legs, each being approximately four miles distance. Relay teams are allowed 2-10 peeps per team. We had 7 (4 girls, 3 boys), which means a few peeps had to run two legs.

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H is for Hitch Fit

Sweat Summary
Website: http://www.hitchfitgym.com
Address: W. 91st St. Overland Park, KS 66212
Avg. length of session: 1hr
Drop in rate: $60 per session
ClassPass: No
Wtfartlek Sweat Scale: 7 out of 10
Best for: personal training + diet and nutrition

Don’t judge me, but the free weight area intimidates me. I 100% understand the importance of strength training but for whatever reason I am super weird about lifting in a crowded gym.

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