Must watch summer series

Chance and I don’t have cable so we’re avid Netflix and Hulu watchers. We rely heavily on our Roku. Since having Logan, we’ve watched our share of new shows so I thought I’d suggest FOUR series for summer viewing. I tried to choose some that are obviously “lesser-known” because let’s be honest, we’ve all watched Stranger Things 3 and 13 Reasons Why. So without further rambling …

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Tips for staying healthy on vacation

Okay, let’s be honest. Vacation is for relaxation. But if you’re like me, I’m always consciously finding ways to maintain a healthy lifestyle even when I’m on vacation because I just FEEL better. I got really good at this last year since I never had a home base. Our life was constantly about being on-the-go.

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Labor & Postpartum Recovery

I recently answered a few questions on my Instagram stories about labor and postpartum recovery. One of the topics requires an awful lot of explanation so I thought why not write a detailed blog post on my thoughts.

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