Tips for staying healthy on vacation

Okay, let’s be honest. Vacation is for relaxation. But if you’re like me, I’m always consciously finding ways to maintain a healthy lifestyle even when I’m on vacation because I just FEEL better. I got really good at this last year since I never had a home base. Our life was constantly about being on-the-go.

The main thing is to not stress over it, instead, make it fun. Here are some tips and tricks  I’ve found to be super helpful.

  1. PLAN. Bring workout clothes and pack healthy snacks! Yes, bringing workout clothes alone can be motivation enough to stay active on your trip. For snacks, I love granola bars, trail mix, dried fruit, pop chips and squeeze packs.
  2. DRINK LOTS OF WATER. I know, I know. This sounds super simple and totally overplayed but it is so easy to do and makes a big difference. Air travel commonly causes dehydration due to the low humidity levels in airplane cabins. And, when you’re on vacation, chances are you’re staying up a little later, eating saltier foods and enjoying those alcoholic beverages. Staying hydrated makes a big difference as it keeps you from feeling fatigued. Drinking water will keep you alert and able to experience all the things during your trip.
  3. PLAN TRIPS AROUND BEING ACTIVE. Yes, trips are for relaxing and sometimes you just need to veg out on the beach BUT my husband and I typically prefer active vacations that are packed with adventure. We like to choose destinations that invite exploring so that we’re actively hiking, biking or paddleboarding. You’re working out and staying healthy but it doesn’t feel like it because the sense of adventure is super new and exciting.
  4. FIND TIME TO MOVE but in a fun way. That might just be walking or running on the beach in the mornings. OR I personally like to explore new boutique studios when I’m vacationing. Soul Cycle and Barrys Bootcamp are all good examples of fun workouts to try while vacationing but even the local studios are worth a visit. I find this especially to be true for yoga.
  5. PACK YOUR FAVORITE REMEDIES. Make sure to bring your vitamins and supplements. I usually bring vitamin C, emergen-c, magnesium, and propolis spray. Propolis spray is great for fighting off infections. Additionally, you want to have a VERY good sunscreen (SPF 50 people), bug spray + sunburn recovery options and other things from home to keep you feeling fresh.
  6. EAT INTUITIVELY. Don’t stress over what you’re putting in your mouth. You’re on vacation. Enjoy it. Anything in moderation is totally fine. Nothing you eat on vacation will be a major set back if you’ve got goals at home. At the end of the day, you’ll have memories of the awesome things you ate at the cool restaurants you explored and you don’t want to miss out on those experiences. It’s also totally cool to modify to fit your needs. I might prefer a gluten-free dairy-free pizza over the norm because to me, it’s equally yummy and I know ultimately my tummy will thank me later for skipping out on the dairy! You do you.
  7. ACTIVELY HUNT DOWN THE HEALTHY JOINTS. This is something Chance and I love to do as well. When on vacation, we like to check out local juice and smoothie shops. I kinda consider myself an acai bowl Connoisseur. lol.
  8. MINIMIZE TECH. You’re completely relaxed on the beach or at brekkie when you open your phone/email and find an urgent text from a coworker or your boss. The major point of a vacation is vacating routine life, yet many of us gravitate to familiar territory including laptops, phones, and tablets. Creating a technology-free vacation isn’t always possible, but find ways to minimize it. That even goes for Social Media folks. We’ve all been there. You’re relaxing by the pool and every single one of you are silent, staring at your phones, not talking, totally sucked in on Instagram. Be present. Make memories. Leave your phone in your beach bag.
  9. MAKE SLEEP A PRIORITY. Vacation means less responsibility. So take the opportunity to catch up on sleep so you can feel refreshed and well-rested. More sleep, means less stress and less stress means better health.
  10. BE ACTIVE WITH YOUR KIDDOS. If you’ve got’em, take them swimming, go snorkeling, hiking, kayaking, go for morning walks and visit the local zoo!

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