Must watch summer series

Chance and I don’t have cable so we’re avid Netflix and Hulu watchers. We rely heavily on our Roku. Since having Logan, we’ve watched our share of new shows so I thought I’d suggest FOUR series for summer viewing. I tried to choose some that are obviously “lesser-known” because let’s be honest, we’ve all watched Stranger Things 3 and 13 Reasons Why. So without further rambling …


  1. Trinkets: Based on a novel, a grieving teen finds an unexpected connection with two classmates at her new high school in Portland, Oregon after they all land in the same Shoplifters Anonymous group. The series follows the three girls and takes an in-depth look at each of their lives and how they become unexpected friends. They find strength in one another as they negotiate family issues, high school drama and the complicated dilemma of trying to fit in while longing to break out. There is only one season but it has been renewed for a second.
  2. Turn Up Charlie: With only 8 episodes, this is an easy binge. Charlie is a struggling DJ and eternal bachelor. He gets a final chance at finding success, plotting to rebuild his music career, at the same time that he reluctantly becomes a manny to Gabby, his famous best friend’s problem-child daughter. The spoiled girl is wise beyond her years, pushing the boundaries — and the sanity of her nannies — to the extreme in order to try to get the attention of her negligent, career-driven parents. The show features Piper Parbo from Coyote Ugly.
  3. In the Dark: This CW drama/comedy just hit Netflix and has peeps talking. The series stars Perry Mattfeld as Murphy Mason, a blind woman with a bad streak who gets caught up in a murder mystery when one of her only friends in the world winds up dead in her back ally where she notoriously takes her smoke breaks. By her side on this unlikely quest is her roommate Jess and a sympathetic cop named Dean + her guide dog Pretzel.
  4. Dead to Me: So this show is for sure more popular than the above but I wanted to include it on the list because I haven’t talked to many friends who have watched it yet. It’s a series about a powerful friendship that blossoms between a tightly wound widow (Christina Applegate) and a free spirit with a shocking secret. I have to admit the first episode is super deep and a little depressing but stick with it. The twists and turns suck you in as things get interesting as each episode concludes. I can’t say much or I’ll give it away!

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