The perfectly adjustable, lightweight baby carrier

Hunting for the perfect baby products can be daunting. There is SO MUCH on the market these days. I know when I was crafting my registry I turned to friends and family members for suggestions but the truth is every baby is different.

Isn’t it funny … you just never know what baby will love and what they’ll hate? This super rad camo carrier by @hicolugo is our second one. She HATED the first one we purchased but she LOVES this one. As a mama who is always on the go, a good carrier that baby loves is so important + essential.

WHAT WE LOVE: The material is super soft and it allows her to also be forward-facing, which is a must for miss Logan. She’s always wanting to see her surroundings. It’s lightweight and breathable, which makes going hands-free super easy too (woot!). Designed with magic buckles and adjustable pre-sets, the carrier flawlessly goes on and off without ever having to fix the size. I found it super easy to get her in and out of, which is a game-changer because as a mom, you never seem to have enough hands. It’s also equipped with generous pocket space. Something our old carrier didn’t have. I can walk to get my morning juice down the street with my phone and cc in tow and not have to bring a bag.
WHY THE BRAND IS SO GREAT: Colugo cuts out the middle man so you can directly purchase their high-quality products at an affordable price that makes sense. you can even try them out for 100 days and send them back if you’re not head over heels. Now I just need to get her a chomp pad, bc gf likes to chew!

~This post is sponsored by the brand. The review is my own. I genuinely love this product and am so thankful for the test run. No more tears in her carrier.


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