3 Air-Cleaning Houseplants

If you follow me on Instagram, it’s no secret that I’m a crazy plant lady. I sometimes call my apartment The Jungalow 🌱😜. Beyond my obsession with succulents and cacti, I love houseplants.

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Gluten Free Protein Bites

Last week I wrote this short blog post discussing how to up your protein intake and why it is important. Almost immediately after, I  saw a friend post a picture of some protein bites that she had made and I got to thinking how much I miss the bites from t.Loft back home. So, I set off to make my own. I got almost everything from Trader Joe’s. This recipe is super easy and only takes a few minutes.

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5 ways to sneak more protein in your diet

Getting healthy protein on the daily is important so that we can keep our metabolism running, our energy levels up and blood sugar levels stable. Not eating enough good protein can lead to a plethora of symptoms — sluggish metabolism, low energy or fatigue, a low immune system, trouble building muscle mass and issues with blood sugar levels. As you become more active and focus on your fitness, protein plays a key role in giving you the energy needed to crush your workout and recover effectively after.

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