Meet a Mama: Tessa Vickers

Hi! I’m Tessa and I was born and raised in Leawood, Kansas, I went to Kansas State University and met my husband, Ryan, in Kansas City. After getting engaged, we decided to quit our jobs and move to Denver, Colorado. We have been married for 6 years and have lived in sunny Colorado for over 7 years. We currently live in Golden, Colorado where we are in the process of remodeling our home. We are so grateful for all Colorado has to offer our family; there are so many wonderful outdoor activities, it makes being a stay at home mama a lot easier and more fun. I love a good weekday hike followed by a delicious craft beer (let me know if you want to join!). We have one little girl, Lennon, who is 16 months old and has brought so much love and joy to our lives. I love being a SAHM with my girl, time does not seem to slow down and I want to savor every minute I can with her.

Below are some of our tried and true favorite things.

  1. Topo Designs Backpack turned Diaper BagThis bag was not created to be a diaper bag, it was intended for outdoor use which in turn makes a very durable baby backpack. Tope Designs is a Colorado company that started in RINO directly behind our townhome. Not only do they make a great backpack/diaper bag, they have lots of other great items for outdoor activities and daytime wear. We LOVE this company.
  2. Baby Blowfish Hats: I found her super cute hiking hat in Crested Butte last year at a baby boutique. Lennon gets a lot of compliments on it and I find their designs to be super stylish too. Blowfish hats is a family run company that started out of Colorado, as well. Each hat is one of a kind and made in the USA.


  1. Osprey Baby Carrier: We purchased one of these this summer and wow, what a game changer this has been for us. This was used for the first time on a hike in Telluride and has earned it’s keep. Lennon absolutely loves going on hikes and this carrier is much more comfortable for her.

IMG_2920_Facetune_21-07-2020-20-12-37 (2)

  1. Lovevery Toy Subscription: I’m sure you have been a target of the IG ads like I was. I gave in and I am happy I did. I am hesitant and always skeptical of subscriptions … I do not always think it’s worth it, however, this toy subscription is really great. Lovevery sends a box every three months filled with toys and books for your child’s stage of development. The toys are super cute and hold up really well. It also comes with a manual about milestones, what to help your children learn at various ages, which I find very helpful being a SAHM and keeping Lennon on track.
  2. Guidecraft Kitchen Helper: This was a gift for Lennon from her grandparents and it is used multiple times a day. She can climb up inside herself and check out everything going on in the kitchen. I move the helper to the sink sometimes and she can entertain herself for a good 20 minutes, Win! It folds up nicely to stash away in a closet and cleans really easily too.
  3. Cerebelly Baby and Toddler Pouches: These are the best pouches I have found to give Lennon when we are on the go for a quick and healthy snack and don’t feel guilty about it. Unlike other pouches, Cerebelly pouches are filled with lots of nutrients that promote healthy brain development. They were created by a neurosurgeon and a mom that set out to create better baby food found on grocery store shelves. Search for them at Target, Whole Foods or your local grocer. 


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