B is for Body Lab

The Body Lab has gotten a lot of press lately with write-ups in INK, The Pitch and The Kansas City Star. Now that I have my handy ClassPass membership, I decided to give it a whirl last week. The Body Lab is located in Town Center Crossing but has two other locations in Arizona. The studio specializes in Legree Fitness and the workout is centered around the Megaformer, which is a pilates reformer machine on steroids.

The Megaformer offers many exercises, allows for quick transitions and is easy to use. The workout consists of slow and controlled movements. These super-slow movements work your slow-twitch muscle fibers and are designed to fatigue your muscles + make you shake. And OMFG did I shake.

lauren conrad GIF

I walked in thinking this would be a great “easy” day for me as I tend to lean towards high intensity type workouts. I signed up for Body Lab Signature Pilates+, which I thought would be toning and stretching but what I got was a lot more. What a misstep, the class totally kicked my a$$. I wasn’t covered in sweat necessarily but I was working muscles I didn’t know existed and I was sore for days. I felt like my class was kind of tame (for my sake, I am glad it was) so I’m interested to see how crazy hard things can get. I can’t wait to go back!

What to know:

  • Your fist class is free or you can visit the studio three/four times a month via ClassPass. Otherwise the drop in rate is a whopping $35 per session.
  • You need grip so wear sticky socks, toe socks or Nike studio wraps.
  • You stand, lie and hang off the machine and weight is added to increase resistance. (With red and yellow resistance knobs–similar to other Pilates machines.)
  • The workout has little to no impact so it is easy on your joints.
  • They offer a 101 class for newbies and a Cardio Blast session for more advanced peeps. Sometimes they offer Core & More–which is my ultimate fave when they have it on the schedule.
  • BYOW (bring your own water) & towel.
  • If you aren’t a pro at pilates don’t worry, the instructors are super helpful and motivating. They demonstrate on the machines too.
  • Watch this YouTube video to see the workout in action.

Have you tried The Body Lab? If so, let me know how it went below.


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