Meet a Mama: Amanda Besler

Hi! My name is Amanda Besler. I was born and raised in Kansas City. I went to college down the road at the University of Kansas where I was a track and cross country athlete. My husband and I got married in 2013 and we live in Kansas City where he plays for Sporting Kansas City. I stay at home with our two girls — Parker (almost 4) and Marin (almost 2). We are surrounded in Kansas City with lots of family (that help us out a lot) and friends (who keep us sane, especially those SAHM friends!). We enjoy being outside with loved ones. Today I am going to share with you some of my favorite products and mama hacks.

  1. Chus Shoes: We love these shoes because they are not only cute but easy for toddlers to get on themselves. They come in a variety of colors. We have grey which seems to go with a variety of outfits. Super functional but you can also dress them up if you want.
  2. Rey to Z Baseball Hats: These customizable hats are super adorable and I love that I can get both girls matching hats to keep the sun out of their faces.
  3. Water Beads: Some of you may have heard of these already, but water beads are great for sensory play and imagination. A small amount of water beads goes along way. Let them sit for a couple hours and the beads expand with water. They come in many sizes and colors. It will keep the kiddos busy and having fun!
  4. Picky Eater Plate: Parker was a very picky eater, so a friend recommended this plate that made a huge difference after I felt like we tried everything else. This plate paired with the below book helped us navigate mealtime with a picky eater. This plate turns eating into a fun interactive game.
  5. Picky Eating Solution: This book gave insight into the different types of picky eaters which helped us narrow down to the best way to combat her pickiness. We were able to gain new strategies for dealing with her eating based on new research and clinical practices.
  6. Icky Bag Wetbag: These have been the best two-kid item. I was gifted them at my sprinkle. I got one with Parker and one with Marin in different colors. I keep all essential on-the-go-items in there that I need for them — diapers, pacis etc. for Marin and extra underwear, change of clothes, etc. for Parer. If I need to find their stuff, instead of digging through my bag, I can just grab this bag. It’s a lot easier to find. And if they need to go with grandparents or a friend, I simply just take this out and hand it to them. They make awesome gifts!
  7. Magna Blocks: These are the best blocks! We pretty much own every other block you can imagine — wood, Duplo blocks, stacking blocks, etc. but nothing compares to these. Parker would get bored of the other blocks but these she will independently play with for a long time (30 minutes is a long time for toddlers, am I right?!).
  8. Ikea Stool DIY: This Ikea hack counter stool has been awesome. We have a large island that we have this next to. Starting at about 1.5yrs  we have used this. I have never felt like they were unsafe in it and Parker still goes in it at almost 4! Great for getting kids involved in the kitchen scene, from eating to cooking. If getting crafty isn’t for you, check out this option, which is already made.

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