A Weekend Guide to Sedona

I wasn’t quite sure what to expect when visiting Red Rock Country. Sedona had always been on my list to visit but was never a high priority. When we came to town our plan was to wake up early, hike some hikes, grab some lunch and carry on with our road trip. Let’s just say we loved it so much, we ended up staying all of Memorial Weekend and then some. ┬áThe area has some high vibes and I immediately knew the place was special. Here’s what to do and see when the time comes for you to visit Sedona. Book that trip, you won’t regret it. It’s one peaceful getaway you will never forget.

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Mystical Moab: A Beginners Guide

All you die-hards out there are probably familiar with Moab. A spot that has long been the mecca for mountain bikers and National Park goers. But for those of you who are new to outdoor, this growing destination might not be on your radar. With more people wanting to unplug and the glamping + wellness scene booming, Moab is oh-so-hot-right-now. It’s the perfect place to fill your heart with adventure. The area offers kayaking, rafting, SUP, mountain biking, hiking, climbing, swimming holes and more. Here’s my go-to guide to all things Moab, for the Moab curious.

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