S is for Studio 7 Pilates + Barre

Sweat Summary
Website: http://www.studio7pilates.com/
Address: 7500 State Line Rd.
Avg. length of class: 1hr
Drop in rate: $20 ($35 for equipment/reformer)
ClassPass: Yes (excludes reformer)
Wtfartlek Sweat Scale: 7 out 10
Best for: Toning and variety


Studio 7 Pilates + Barre is relatively new to the Prairie Village area. Studio 7 follows seven basic principles; breath, balance, cardio, core, coordination, flexibility and posture. On the class schedule, you’ll find a variety of group fitness classes as well as equipment classes that use different pieces of Balanced Body Pilates Equipment.


The studio owner Jocelyn Cohenour is a Kansas City native. She received her Bachelor of Science in Dance Management from Oklahoma City University and went on to pursue a career as a professional dancer. After a serious injury in 2006, Jocelyn turned to Pilates to rehabilitate and get her back on stage. After hanging up her dancing shoes in 2008, she received her Comprehensive Pilates Training from Personal Best Pilates Instructor Academy. She is also a licensed Physical Therapist Assistant for the state of Kansas. Combining all of her passions, it just made sense to open her own Pilates studio in KC.


If you pop over to their blog, you’ll notice a number of posts about Pilates being a great way to heal and keep your body injury free. This is one of the key features that I think makes Studio 7 Pilates + Barre stand out from other studios in the KC area. After a quick chat with Jocelyn, you can tell she is very in-tune with all of her clients fitness needs. She has clients with back injuries, knee problems and joint pain. Luckily, she’s well versed and is able to help combat all those things with Pilates. YGG!


My Favorite Instructors + Classes: 

  • BBC {Big Ball Conditioning}: BBC is awesome with Callie. The entire class is centered around the use of a large stability ball and incorporates elements of Pilates, dance, coordination and balance. Anything goes in this class. Expect to work any and all muscles head-to-toe. Because the focus is on toning, the class is slower paced, which makes it approachable for any fitness level.
  • Pilates Equipment Class: I’ve mentioned this before but Pilates is all about core strength, which is why I absolutely adore it. It is also a nice break from running as Pilates reformer is low-impact and allows you to train several different muscle groups at once using smooth, continuous movements. Jocelyn, Shelby and Katie are all great instructors. Jocelyn is big on form, which is super helpful when you’re new to reformer. She also likes to mix things up by using different props that may challenge your balance. We used a BOSU ball on the reformer and it was killer. Katie also made things interesting and really challenged me. I’ve never had super sore arms from Pilates reformer but Katie managed to make that happen. GF couldn’t lift a blow dryer the next day.
  • Mat Pilates: Mat Pilates is a great foundation and is honestly the perfect lunchtime workout if you ask me. The main focus is on your core and pelvic muscles. In class you’ll use just your body weight and maybe a few fun props like a block or Pilates toning ring. I was able to catch one of Jocelyn’s classes and again she’s very big on form, which naturally makes things more difficult in the best way possible!
  • Ultimate Pilates: Catch a class with Kris. She has over 25 years of experience in the fitness industry as a group exercise instructor and personal trainer. Her class takes traditional Mat Pilates up a notch. Expect to use resistance bands, balls, Pilates rings, light weights or blocks. Expect to tone your body head-to-toe without even leaving your mat.
  • S+B {Suspend + Balance}: I’m cardio crazy so a good TRX and balance class is needed in my fitness schedule. Studio 7 is the only studio in Kansas City that combines TRX + BOSU. This cardio + strength workout will have your body shaking! Callie and Jocelyn are both great TRX certified instructors.
  • Barre7: I’ve never been a lover of Barre. My hips just don’t seem to tuck that way. This barre class is more of an athletic blend. You don’t have to be super coordinated or a ballerina to enjoy this class. In the class I took with Callie we even used weights and resistance bands. Each class consists of small, purposeful movements followed by large, controlled movements to challenge your body. (For another nontraditional barre class, try Barre Hop at Fusion Fitness!)
  • PBC+ {Pilates Barre Circuit}: This class combines the best pieces of all their classes and is a studio signature. I like to think of it as Pilates bootcamp!

Tips & Tricks:

  • If you’re not a class person or are a little nervous, they offer privates at affordable rates!
  • For most of the classes, you will need sticky socks, water and a towel.
  • The studio does not have showers but there is a clean place to change.
  • The studio is for men + women and for people of all ages. Their clientele is really all over the board. I’ve seen 16-65!
  • Wear sneakers to TRX.
  • March special is 4 privates for $180 or 1 private + 4 equipment classes for $125.
  • They also offer pre and post-natal classes. New mommies can bring their babes with them to class!

Giveaway CLOSED: Want to give Studio 7 Pilates + Barre a try? You’re in luck! Jocelyn is giving one lucky winner a Pilates package; 1 private + 2 group fitness classes.

Enter for a chance to win: 1) Follow @WTFartlek + @Studio7PB on Instagram 2) Comment on this blog post in the comment section below.

Winner must live in the Kansas City area + prize is not redeemable for cash. Winner will be announced on or before 3/21. {Winner has been selected}

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