Q&A with ThreadBuds Founder Maddie Paradise

Recently I was fortunate enough to do a photo shoot with ThreadBuds, a super-cute tangle free headphone company located in Kansas City. The earbuds are wrapped in colorful threads to give the headphones a fashionable look that actually prevents them from getting tangled. During the shoot, I fell in love with the brand and its founders Maddie & Nick Paradise.

1. How did you meet your husband Nick?

Nick and I met a long time ago in passing when I was a freshman in College at Kansas University. Although we didn’t stay in touch he was on my mind for years. He ended up being a great friend of my cousins who advocated us to be together but the timing was always off (I was dating someone or we didn’t live in the same city). We finally “re-met” years later and have spent everyday together since.

2. How did you discover ThreadBuds?

One of the things that I’ve always admired about Nick was how easy he made his life. How quickly he could make things happen and how he was constantly thinking of things that could save you time here and there so that he could worry less about the trivial daily tasks and spend more time doing what he loved. In total awe of that gift, I tried to do that same. I was sitting in my room I grew up in as a child and I’m looking at a tangled pair of head phones. I remembered that I had friendship bracelet thread under my bed and I remembered how to make them. I remember thinking that it might help them not tangle but if it didn’t it wouldn’t be a complete waste of time because at least they would look rad. After using them for a couple weeks, I realized that they didn’t tangle at all. They were not only fashionable but useful too! And after wearing them through several airports and being stopped and asked where I got them, I realized that this could actually be a business.

3. What is your favorite thing about the product?

Obviously my favorite thing is the fact that they don’t tangle and it saves time in your life to enjoy the things you want to do. BUT if I had to choose another favorite, I would say I love the way they look! They really stand out in a fun funky way. Which (in the least cheesy way possible) is kind of who I am. I think I have always stood out in a funky way to people. I’ve always tried to march to the beat of my own drum.

4. What is your favorite generation and do you have a favorite color?

My favorite Generation is our Gen 2! They are the most comfortable for me and I have to have the mic and volume control on my buds. It’s funny because I go through phases of my favorite colors but right now, I’m really digging the teal color, which is limited edition for TIU (Tone it Up).

5. Tell me about Buds4Buds…

YAS! Buds4Buds is my favorite part of our business. Since day one, I knew I wanted to give back but wasn’t sure who we wanted to work with. When we were in the process of getting up and rolling we struggled figuring this out because there are so many organizations we are passionate about. One day we were sitting with a friend of ours who was suggested #budsforbuds and giving back to Big Brothers Big Sisters. Nick and I just looked at each other and laughed–it was perfect! We have been a “Big Couple” to Jorden for over 6 years now. He started as only Nick’s little but on our wedding day he called us his “big couple” it was one of the sweetest moments of my life. He has brought so much joy to Nick and I and we are grateful to be part of his life.

6. Now that iPhone has released the 7 and is going Bluetooth, any plans to rollout a wireless version that is still fashionable?

Yes, we have plans to carry some wireless things! I get asked if we are nervous about this a lot and we aren’t nervous at all. We are excited! I think it will bring a lot of new opportunities our way. We think there is a place in the world for all our products, new and existing.

7. What next?

Gosh! Nick and I are dreamers. I don’t have enough words to explain what’s next. You guys will just have to wait and see.
You can purchase these beautiful buds online or you can win a pair over on my Insta. Local to KC? You can purchase them at FitWear Boutique!


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