MegaBurn Fitness

Sweat Summary
Address: 1874 NW 188th Ave. Beaverton, OR 97006
Avg. class length: 45 min.
Drop in rate: $32
ClassPass: No
Sweat Scale: 8 out of 10
Best for: Pilates and toning

MegaBurn is a mega workout on the Megaformer… shall I keep going? I felt like a mega badass… okay, I’ll stop. But seriously, this cute little studio is located in Beaverton just outside of Portland. I found it on Instagram through my Insta connection @TopKnotPDX (she’s also the co-owner). I love meeting my Insta friends in real life, and let me tell ya, she totally kicked my ass. The workout was no cakewalk.

IMG_7890If you’ve never heard of a Megaformer, you can read an old blog post of mine here to get the scoop. It was one of THE workouts to try in 2017 that I mentioned in this Garmin blog post that I wrote earlier this year.


Essentially, the workout is on a jumbo Pilates reformer with tons of bells and whistles. Seriously, you can work every muscle on this bad boy. The classes are small, usually under 10 people and just 45 minutes long. The workout is low impact and super easy on the joints. Movements are slow and controlled with spring tension to work your muscles to fatigue. “Earthquake shakes” are a thing and let me tell ya, my muscles were shaking.


All together you get a combination of cardio, strength, flexibility and core. My favorite thing about the Megaformer is actually the core conditioning. Your core won’t get neglected like it does with other regimes.


Overall, the environment is super friendly and the decor is freaking adorable. I appreciate when studio owners not only develop a stellar workout but also create a beautiful space to enjoy while you’re getting sweaty. The studio has water + towels available, little cubbies for your things and a changing room. They have sticky socks to purchase if you forget to bring your own. There is also self check-in on the iPad once you arrive, which makes things quick and painless. I can’t wait to go back, but not tomorrow, I’ll be too sore. 😜


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