Why I decided to work with a sleep coach

I seriously cannot believe that Logan is five months. It’s totally true what they say, “the days are long but the months go by fast.” She’s getting to be such a big girl but let me tell ya, we are feeling the four-month sleep regression HARD right about now.

Did you know that every month your little ones sleep patterns are ever-changing for the first year of their life? Sleep plays a large role in growth, development and cognitive functions. Children are undergoing developments at a more intense rate than adults, therefore, they require more sleep to be able to grow and develop properly.

Logan was never an intuitive sleeper. Not even as a newborn. I know a lot of people think that babies will just sleep when they are tired but that was never the case for her. She would get super tired (become a FUSSY monster) and would FIGHT sleep so it was really important since day one that we followed her sleepy cues and set up a good nap environment for her otherwise we’d pay for it. She’d get overtired, which obviously altered her mood and caused more night wakings. Not fun.

I believe it is my job as her mom to set her up for sleep success and from there it’s her job to take the reins. In other words, I am responsible for giving her the best possible sleep environment and she is responsible for taking the dang nap.

I figured all this out about 3 weeks in and started following the “Taking Cara Babies” program. This program was great to lay down the foundations she needed for good sleep habits but like a lot of things SLEEP is not one size fits all.

They say 40% of babies are easy-going, chill on-the-go nappers. I was blessed with a very spirited baby girl who falls in the 10% fussy baby range. Chance and I quickly noticed that if she was well-rested, her “colic” symptoms greatly improved. She’s got some quirks … doesn’t care much for her car seat, stroller, carrier or being held inward, rocked or baby cradled. BUT if she is rested, she tolerates these things much better, which allowed us to get out of the house more — YAY!

Needless to say, I became OBSESSED with her sleep. And for a while, she was rocking sleep like a champ. BUT shoot, once three months rolled around and we transitioned her to her own room from Snoo to Crib it was like we hit the reset button. Toss in the regression and little missy is now in sleep dept. We now have a cranky little peanut on our hands and mama is desperate.

As a health and wellness blogger, I always try to crack the code myself when it comes to a lot of things before taking action but figuring out baby sleep is a science and it literally can keep you UP at night if you’re trying ALL THE THINGS. Toss in the fact that she’s only taking 20/30min naps most days (for a total of 2hrs daytime sleep) and this mama is real tired. I’m in sleep dept too, which means I’m kinda fussy as well.

That’s why I’m really looking forward to be working with a professional sleep coach so that our entire family can get better sleep (fingers crossed!). Like I said, sleep is a science and it’s also very individualized. It’s not one size fits all so it’s great to ask a professional for tips, plans and tricks that will meet your family’s needs. Baby sleep is meant to be imperfect at first but now that she’s nearing the six-month mark, I want to lay down healthy sleep foundations. I have so many questions specific to Logan that I want answered. Suff that can’t be found via a simple Google search or by taking an online baby course.

Intro Kelley Thompson B.Ed, M.Ed a Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant from Serenity Sleepers. She’s a mom of three and has spent the last five years helping exhausted families around the country get better sleep. She was voted one of the best sleep consultants in the U.S. and I am v v excited to work with her for the next month to see if we can improve Lo’s sleep. Nighttime sleep is obviously so important for a lot of parents but for me, longer naps would even be a huge win. And usually better daytime sleep leads to less nighttime wakings! It is all so interwoven.

Kelley and I will work closely the next few weeks via the Baby Connect App. Through this app, Kelley will be able to see real-time what Logan is doing and how she’s sleeping and be able to make timely suggestions + leave comments. I can ask her questions and we can work on getting Logan more consistent with her schedule.

In my next few posts, I’ll be partnering up with Kelley to give you guys more insights on what I’m learning and how the process is going! Babies who have been given the proper and age-appropriate sleep foundations tend to handle sleep changes easier than babies that are missing solid fundamentals so I’m excited to get Logan on the right track.

You can find Kelley on Instagram or by checking out some of her stellar blog posts!

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