24 is for 24 Hour Fitness

Let’s start with the basics before we get crazy. 24 hour is cheap and affordable. There are locations all over the country and with a general membership you can pop in to a number of those locations across the United States. Each location is hit or miss and the quality of the group fitness classes widely depend on the instructor. I like to think of 24 as my home base. Shout out to my girl Jeanine at Ward Parkway. For the most part, the equipment is basic and the locker rooms leave a lot to be desired but you get what you pay for. If you’re on a low budget or travel a lot this is a good place to start. The type of classes offered vary by location but in KC here are my faves.


  • Cycle
    • Nothing fancy, just your average cycle class with generally good jams and dim lighting. A++ for dim lighting because trust me, you will sweat and if you don’t you need to add more resistance. This class is great for all fitness levels because you really can go at your own pace. Some people bring cycling/bike shoes but it is not required. FYI, you must sign up at the front desk in advance for cycle. In the winter months it fills up fast.
  • Body Attack
    • High intensity cardio fitness using just your body weight and a mat. This class used to be more choreographed but it is now more athletic and endurance based, which I prefer. Plyometric and agility exercises are included. There is a lot of hopping, jumping and running. (Your calves will be exhausted.)
  • Body Pump
    • Just like Body Attack this is part of the LES MILLS™ program. This is a lifting/barbell class that strengthens your entire body. The class usually consists of 10 ‘tracks’ and or songs that target eight separate muscle-groups + warmup and cool down. A new routine also known as a release is introduced every three months to keep things fresh.
  • Boot Camp
    • This is essentially the instructors choice and is your typical Boot Camp class. Expect anything from Tabata training to HIIT. Light hand weights are used.
  • Insanity
    • We’ve all heard of this one as it was big a few years back. Insanity allows you to burn fat faster because you work as hard as you can for a series of intervals. It all depends on the work/intensity you put in. You go at your own pace so you really have to push yourself hard to see max results.
  • PiYO
    • My hidden gem. This is an athletic blend of yoga and mat method. Think power yoga with really good tunes!

Extra Credit: Some locations like the Simi Valley Sport in California offer a Nike Training Club class once a week. I wish KC had this one!


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