K is for Kri Chay’s Urban HIIT FITT

HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training and is a great workout for rapid fat loss. This is one of my favorite things to do with my sister. She has shed some serious pounds doing this workout. Urban HIIT FITT was founded by coach Kri Chay. He was rated Top 100 in Best Personal Trainers in Kansas City.

What to know:

  • This is in Lee’s Summit so be prepared to drive if you live in Johnson County.
  • The studio is in a garage type atmosphere and boot camp sessions usually last 50 minutes.
  • Here you will find people of all ages and fitness levels. Anyone will immediately feel welcome.
  • I would consider this a circuit type workout as there are several stations set up around the room.
  • You’ll use all of the following; TRX bands, kettlebells, medicine balls, monster tires, battle ropes, weights and super bands.
  • Be prepared to lift. Coach Kri really likes to motivate his students and push them.
  • Time goes by fast because you are constantly changing stations or moving on to the next exercise.


Extra credit: Sometimes he offers free training admission. Check their Facebook page for promotions.

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