Race Recap: Big 12 Run

It had been a long time since my last race. Over 3 months. I was pretty nervous because I didn’t follow a strict training plan. Usually I run 3+ times a week and mix in cross training but this winter it was hard to pull it off. Instead, I relied heavily on high intensity workouts and my long runs. Both my running buddies accompanied me for the 12k – snaps to Mevans & Abies.


Race day was a beauty. The weather was perfect for running. It was a little chilly at first but once I got going I began to appreciate the breeze. There were a lot of people this year and from all over too. Peeps sported their alma mater colors with pride. (I’m a bad alumni, I didn’t wear blue and red!)

The 12k course was rad. We started at the Sprint Center and cruised to 18th and Vine, Martini Corner, Crown Center and back up Grand. Let me tell you, I was making some ugly faces during miles 6 and 7 (the never ending hill). I didn’t want the f-ing hill to define my race so I pushed on. According to MapMyRun the gain was 472 feet. Now I know why my quads are so sore! I envy the girl who cranked out a 51:48.

Chance was at the finish line to cheer me on and overall, I am super pumped about my results. I finished much faster than I had hoped and actually set a new Personal Record. My average pace per mile Saturday was about 7:51, which is better than my last 10k. Woot! (For those wondering, a 12k = 7.46 miles.)


I celebrated Saturday night with friends at Port Fonda. You must try their pork butt – pretty much dessert. And yes, those are Flash Tats.


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