C is for City Gym

City Gym is on ClassPass so I really wanted to check it out. It is one of the only traditional gyms on CP and is located near me in Waldo. City Gym is 11,000 square feet with 1,900 square feet of indoor turf. Hailee the owner used to be a professional soccer player so I think that is where she got the inspo. The inside is sleek with rad interior finishes + all the latest fitness equipment. Green is definitely the theme at City Gym. Green is the color of nature and represents growth, harmony and freshness. It encourages stability and endurance and has great healing power! (Makes perfect sense to me.)

Group exercise classes here are tailored to help you reach your fitness goals and meet new peeps. With CP, you’re able to attend three classes per month at the same location so I made it a goal of mine to try new things at this gym. Post workout head over to Coffee Girls for some juicing.


  • TRX Pilates: I found this to be a great introductory class to TRX. Don’t let them scare you if you have never used them before. TRX suspension bands leverage gravity and your body weight to perform hundreds of exercises. The awesome thing about TRX is that you are always in control of how much you want to challenge yourself. This workout method consists of slow + precise movements that are designed to stretch and strengthen your body. You work all muscles in this class but I love what it does for your core!
  • City Video Cycle: These bikes are similar if not the same as Fusion Fly. You reference your monitor to judge level of effort. Video cycle is a unique experience. Each ride features a specific journey. The ride is coordinated to music + video. I was lucky and got to see the KC ride, which featured Hailee’s journey to opening her own gym. Her story is pretty inspiring – she is one hard worker!
  • Synergy 360: This is a small group personal training session in my opinion. Everything revolves around the Synergy 360 machine, which essentially looks like an adult jungle gym (see pic. below). We broke out into stations and used battle ropes, dip handles and the chin-up bar, etc. (I am pretty sure everyone laughed at my pull-ups.) Most of the exercises are super slow. I believe the trainer said 7 counts down and 5 counts up? There isn’t a ton of cardio involved. I got a little breathless while using the battle ropes and when pushing the sled but I wanted to hop on one of the water rowers and make it a station to give it that extra cardio edge.


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