Mexico Travels: Sayulita & Puerto Vallarta

The anticipation and build up for our trip to Sayulita started last winter when we were traveling around Puerto Rico. I found this colorful little town on Instagram and was immediately drawn to it. I knew I had to see it with my own eyes.


I am the exploring type. I love to rent a car and see it all. I am pretty sure this drives my fiancé up the wall but I’m over the moon that he supports my love for adventure.


This year the goal was to surf, play in the gold sand, do lots of yoga and not stay at big resorts but eco eclectic spots. I found our condo in Puerto Vallarta on Airbnb. The location was prime in Old Town and the roof top pool was killer.



You can take the bus or a yellow taxi to Sayulita. It takes about 45-60 minutes depending on traffic. In Sayulita we stayed at Casa Love above Pachamama. The home has the most fabulous Gypset style. Every nook is cozy and colorful and the location is a prime spot in town right on the beach. The owner and her family are super friendly and helpful. They made our stay truly unique.




Surf towns aren’t necessarily known to have the best shopping and style but Sayulita is an exception. The streets are lined with Pom Poms, Dream catchers, beaded jewelry, beach cruisers, and multicolored Picado banners.  There is so much inspiration in the air.


The people of Sayulita have big hearts and will often invite you to do things. We really embodied this and went with the flow. The first night we enjoyed a lovely hike with Natalie from Casa Love. We hiked barefoot through the Jungle to a secluded beach to watch the sunset. The walk  back was dark and through the cemetery. Brightly lit candles covered many of the graves, which created a truly magical moment.


sayulita surfing


  • Breakfast: ChocoBanana & Orangy
  • Lunch: Yah-Yah Sayulita Cafe, Naty’s Cocina, The Real Fish Taco & El Metro
  • Dinner: La Rusitca, Mary’s, Don Pedors & Yeikame
  • Drinks: Cava, Bar Don Pato, Palmar Trapiche Beer Garden
  • Dessert: Wakika Paletas, La Mora Gelato & the Cake Lady in town square


  • Surf Sayulita Beach
  • SUP
  • Yoga at Paraiso
  • Set free baby sea turtles at sunset with Campamento Tortuguero
  • Hike to some secluded beaches
    • Playa Carricitos
    • Playa Las Cuevas
    • Playa Malpasos

Sayulita sea turtle

Sayulita Yoga


  • Pachamama
  • Evoke
  • Buddha Gallery
  • Ula



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