W is for WundaBar Pilates Westlake

Sweat Summary
Website: http://wundabar.com
Address: 2900 Townsgate Road #117, Westlake Village, CA 91361
Avg. length of class: 45min
Drop in rate: First class is free // $30 per class
ClassPass: Yes
Wtfartlek Sweat Scale: 5 out 10
Best for: Toning

I was visiting family in California over the holidays so I took total advantage of my Class Pass membership and hopped around to some new studios. I’ve seen other fitness fanatics posting about WundaBar so I was really stoked to give it a try.

WundaBar is Pilates at the core but their classes are truly unique because the equipment combination they use is so gnarly it is patented. The WundaFormer (created by the founder who is a celebrity trainer) combines reformer, chair, jump board and ballet bar into one machine. You also don’t need sticky socks so barefoot is okay.


We started class with some barre moves off the carriage. During that time we used the green resistance bands that I SO loathe. (I can rock weights but resistance bands kill me.) After our warm up we got on the reformer and started with core. This is quite possibly the reason I love Pilates. Your core will never get cheated.


Because the machine is so different there were a lot of new moves to try, which I really liked. I especially liked the jump board! That gave me the cardio edge I needed. Overall, I really like WundaBar. Typically when I use a megaformer of some sorts I am really sore the next day and that was not the case with WundaBar but I was in class with a lot of newbies so the class might have been beginner level. This type of workout is a great balance to my intense cardio and I think it definitely has a place in my fitness routine. I look forward to coming back next time I am in Los Angeles.

WTFartlek Tips: If you are in the Westlake area, there is a cute boutique next door and Pressed Juicery is just around the corner. Try their Grapefruit Mint – divine!






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