M is for MOJO Cycling

Sweat Summary
Website: http://www.mojocyclingstudio.com/
Address: 4722 Broadway #220, Kansas City, MO 64112
Avg. length of class: 45min – 1hr
Drop in rate: $22
ClassPass: Yes
Wtfartlek Sweat Scale: 7 out of 10
Best for: Cardio

I first heard about MOJO at work and was super stoked to try it out because I’m obsessed with cycling (indoor + outdoor). I was hoping for a mixture of SoulCycle and Flywheel because to my knowledge there isn’t anything like that in KC (until now). My first MOJO ride was at the Underground several months ago with Amanda Rismiller who is the owner.


Since then, MOJO has moved to its new home on the Country Club Plaza. The studio has stadium style seating and awesome mood lighting that changes to every color of the rainbow. They’ve also hired several instructors. Sarah B. was voted best KC instructor on Class Pass for 2015. #GirlBoss


Studio Scoop:

  • Water and towels are provided but bring your own bottle.
  • They sell Simple Science Juices and other little snacks -woot.
  • You can rent cycle shoes or just wear sneakers.
  • The Schwinn bikes are nice and comfortable on the tush.
  • Most of the rides I’ve done spend a lot of time out of the saddle.
  • The instructors set the pace but let you determine the tension.
  • The atmosphere is dark and the music is loud (in a good way).
    • Bonus points for playing awesome tunes.
  • The ride is based on matching the beat vs. using a monitor.
  • Motions (right and left arm dips, push-up movements, tap backs) & resistance are used to get your heart rate up, which is similar to SoulCycle.
  • 3-5lb weights are used towards the end of class to work your arms.
  • Saturday morning classes have the best vibes and are most packed.
  • Favorite instructors: Sarah Buchanan, Lauren Ziegler and Katie McNeil.
  • Amanda wins for having the cutest studio doggie.


For me, this is a great recovery ride. I like to cross train to let my body rest and this class is the perfect mix. Cycling is a good compliment to running and is considered low impact. When my body is sore, I know I can count on MOJO to get the cardio workout I need while letting my other muscles recover a little.

my shoes

If you’re new to cycling here is some advice: 

  • Have the instructor help you set up your bike. You don’t want your seat too high or too low.
  • When riding, don’t have a death grip on the handlebars. Handlebars are only there to help you balance not to hold your body weight. This can cause unnecessary tension in your shoulders and back.
  • To engage your core, make sure your knee graze when peddling isn’t close to the emergency break. Keep your hips closer to your seat vs. forward.
  • Channel the beat into the cadence of the ride vs. swaying side to side. Swaying too much can throw off your balance and cause you to grip the handlebars too tightly as mentioned above.
  • You’ll get extra power from stomping down and pulling up on the pedals, which is proper form. A lot of people only stomp down.
  • Don’t skimp on resistance. Just because you’re pedaling super duper fast doesn’t mean you’re getting the best workout. Don’t cheat yourself. Also, don’t overdue resistance… it can be bad on your joints if you can barely pedal. Find the right balance.
  • Keep a straight and aligned spine. Don’t ride with a hunched back.

All action shots provided by epagaFOTO. 


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