I’m a ClassPass Ambassador!

I have some exciting fitness news to share. 12 months, 130+ classes and 5 half marathons later, I can finally announce that I am officially a ClassPass Ambassador. And no, being an Ambassador doesn’t mean a free ride. I still pay my monthly membership because let’s be honest, it is the best fitness investment I can make. (Check out the official announcement on their blog!)

ClassPass Ambassador

I have a love affair with several boutique studios in Kansas City. Financially it did not make sense to be a member at all of them so ClassPass has truly been a blessing in that regard. As a runner, I really need flexibility in my training and CP does just that! (I will elaborate on this with a dedicated post later this week so stayed tuned.) I love it because I have 50+ studios to choose from in my area. Yoga, Pilates, rowing and cycling are just some of the options available. Think of it as your passport to fitness.

Fusion Fitness

I may be the only ClassPass (<- that’s a link to get $25 off for new peeps) Ambassador so far in Kansas City but there are several others across the nation in the Ambassador program. You can meet them all here + follow our fitness adventures on social with #ClasspassAmbassador.

What are you favorite fitness studios on ClassPass? Leave a reply and share below.

PC: epagaFOTO

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