R is for The Rush cycling studio

Sweat Summary
Website: http://therushstudio.com/
Address: 5628 La Jolla Blvd.
Avg. length of class: 1hr
Drop in rate: $20
ClassPass: Yes
Wtfartlek Sweat Scale: 8 out 10
Best for: cardio

Over the weekend I traveled to sunny San Diego for a friends bachelorette party. My wedding planner happens to be located there so one morning I got up super early and ran to meet her for coffee. Beforehand I chatted with fellow ClassPass lovers and was told to try The Rush a boutique cycling studio in Bird Rock.

Navigating my way around town was easier than I thought so I had time to give it a spin. I used ClassPass Flex to book class – amazing! I decided to rent cycling shoes and purchase a water. Towels were free and I reserved a bike in the back! The #RushFam was super accommodating and made me feel right at home. After check-in and light paperwork they showed me to my bike and got me clipped in.

The Rush was founded by Tim & Corey who have been best friends since high school. They fell in love with the endorphin rush from cycling and a business was born. They wanted the environment to be community based and non-intimidating. Classes are intimate, lights are dim and they jam the music.

A lot of cycle studios use special lighting but what I really enjoyed about The Rush is that either the room was almost pitch black or they used black lights to create a fun glow effect. We used bikes with monitors so Alisha the instructor kept giving us guidelines to go by in terms of tension and RPMs. She was also VERY good at reiterating proper form and reminded us to keep that butt hovering over the saddle.

The entire class is based on the beat of the music so this determines your pace and predicts your ride. We did push-ups and oblique dips on the bike handles, all while spinning in time to the music in a pulsing, dance-like set of motions. This cardio-party included seated climbs, standing climbs, saddle jumps etc. I appreciated how often she mixed things up and that we were not standing the entire ride. Before our last few cool down tracks, we ended class with weights to work our arms.

Overall, I had a really nice experience and would recommend to anyone in the area!

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