Forerunner 935 Test Run

This spring, Garmin announced their newest fitness gadget, the Forerunner 935. The watch includes GPS, heart rate, altimeter and barometer. The 935 also has smartwatch capabilities. It tracks a number of cardio activities including cycling, swimming, hiking and running — just to name a few. These features make the watch appealing for triathletes and multi-sport athletes. The watch can additionally estimate VO2 Max and connect to the Strava App to further provide training feedback. More on how the watch helps you train can be found here. 


In April, I ran the Garmin Marathon and took over the @garminfitness Insta Story to share race day footage. I was lucky enough to snag a Forerunner 935 and take it for a test run. Initially I noticed that the watch face was slightly larger than my Garmin Forerunner 235 but weight was not that much different. I chose the neon green band. (I love bright things!) Battery life was really good, as it lasted me all weekend. In GPS mode, it can last up to 24 hours.


Before I crossed the start line, I clicked the upper right hand button to choose my sport. I chose run. Almost immediately after I chose my sport, the GPS was ready and my heart rate was locked in. While running, you’ll see information like distance, pace, time, calories, and HR. The data display is customizable so you can set that up however you like. As I hit each mile, the watch vibrated to notify me. Overall, the watch fit seamlessly in to my race day system.


I really enjoyed running with this watch. As I sit here and contemplate training for my first triathlon, I believe this watch would be an essential training tool. Especially in the swimming department. The only other Garmin device that I own that provides swimming data is my Vivoactive HR.


Do you own the new Forerunner 935?
If so, comment below and tell me what you think!

📷: Heather Morrow Photography 
Pants: DYI
Shoes: Nike
Top: Varley 

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