OmniBall: The Newest Way to Workout

By now you should know that I LOVE trying new workouts. My goal is to expand people’s perceptions of “fitness” so that they can discover a plethora of ways to break a sweat. Seriously, there are so many options out there these days.


Intro OmniBall by FEWDM, a workout you can do in the comfort of your own home, take to the gym or with you when you travel. At-home workouts can be very helpful to keep your fitness routine consistent, especially if you have little ones you need to keep your eyes on. And trust me, all my friends are on the baby train these days. So sisters, this one is for you.


OmniBall is a set of rolling weights that can be attached to the hands and feet for a dynamic, total-body workout. The OmniBall’s 360-degree movement allows users of all levels of fitness to experience an all-new, one-of-a-kind workout. They are great for yoga, core and total body workouts. You can also download the app to discover workouts and get further instructions on how to use the balls. They retail for $79.95.


Okay, I know that sounds a tad pricey but once you give these babies a spin you’ll notice the potential. I had the pleasure of using these on several occasions and not only were they tough but I had so much fun getting creative with them that I forgot I was even working out for a minute. I really appreciate the versatility especially because you can strap them to your hands OR feet making OmniBall a great all in one tool for your workouts. I seriously wish more studios around town incorporated them because they are super fun and different to work with. The best way to understand OmniBall is to see them in action, so peep the video below for a demo.

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