New: Meet a Mama Series

Hey y’all. I feel like it’s been a hot second since I’ve written anything on here. The last blog post I published was in early April. Since then, Logan celebrated her first birthday and as she’s entering toddlerhood, I’ve been connecting with my mom friends and asking them loads of questions. Most of the things we received on our registry are no longer being used – swings, jumpers, etc. so now it’s time to step up my game with toys to keep her active little mind entertained.

Nothing is more helpful than advice from other mamas so I thought it would be fun to start a new series where I feature every-day-moms and the products they love. In the coming months, I’ll introduce you to the amazing moms in my life living all over the country. I’ll try and feature moms who have kiddos of all different ages so that there is a variety of insightful content. I also plan to do a post about some of the new innovative products I’ve seen for infants/postpartum as so many of you are expecting (!) — it’s crazy what comes out in just a year’s time. Like why wasn’t Frida Mom a thing when I had Logan?

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