10 reasons to love Kabrita goat milk formula

This post is #sponsored by Kabrita USA but these words are my own! I give my true and honest opinion of the product. Logan has been supplementing with Kabrita goat milk formula for many many months prior to this partnership. We love working with brands we know and trust. 

As many of you know, I exclusively pumped for Logan. That journey ended last month and while I still have lots of frozen breastmilk saved for her in the deep freezer, we’ve always supplemented here or there with @hellokabrita. Being the researcher that I am, I intuitively knew that normal off-the-shelf formulas would not work for her. A lot of American parents are choosing European formulas these days. Europe practices biodynamic organic farming — with strict regulations limiting the use of antibiotics, hormones, pesticides, and govern animal welfare. The EU is also a lot more rigid than the FDA and is more strict on ingredients — this further ensures the products you’re buying are good for baby. Kabrita USA is made with glyphosate-free, non-GMO goat milk, sourced from the Netherlands.

baby holding kabrita goat milk formula

Here are 10 stellar reasons to choose Kabrita goat milk formula:

  1. Gentle on tiny tummies: goat milk formula forms a smaller, softer and looser curd in the stomach. This gentle protein makes it easier to digest than cow milk formula.
  2. May help clear up eczema: skin issues are typically linked to allergens — either something in baby’s diet or something else they are exposed to. If your baby has a cow milk sensitivity, Kabrita might help clear up pesky skin issues.
  3. Goat milk formula is more nutritional than almond milk — alternatives like soy and almond milk are popular picks for toddlers, but nutrition-wise, it’s not an equal swap. Although trendy, most alternatives don’t contain very much protein and some brands contain sugar. Kabrita is more suitable because it contains more protein, DHA, Vit D, and Iron than most almond alternatives.
  4. The taste is comparably sweet. While Logan is mostly breastfed from a bottle, she doesn’t seem to have any issues switching between the two. We had tried regular cow milk formula before and she was never too fond of the taste.
  5. Contains DHA & ARA, which are important fatty acids that support brain and vision health.
  6. Ingredients you can trust: Kabrita doesn’t include sweeteners like corn syrup, glucose, fructose, rice syrup, table sugar (sucrose) or carrageenan — instead, they use lactose to give their formula a naturally sweet taste.
  7. May help constipation: Kabrita goat milk formula includes prebiotics which is a great digestive aid that can help with constipation. Furthermore, Kabrita uses a fat blend with high 2-palmitic acid oil (beta palmitate) where palmitic acid has been esterified to occupy the middle position of the triglyceride. Fat blends with beta palmitate, such as Kabrita, are associated with improved calcium and fat absorption and softer stool consistency.
  8. Because of the above reasons associated with digestion, goat milk formula may help alleviate colic and reflux.
  9. You can use a Baby Brezza for convenience or add to cereals and smoothies for further nutritional perks.
  10. Kabrita offers a FREE sample offer so that you can test it out for yourself!
  11. BONUS: Kabrita USA is 100% women run and led by Moms.

Final thoughts: Logan had a unique feeding journey the first year of her life. She had tongue and lip tie, which ultimately was revised via laser by our pediatrician. However, she never fully caught on to breastfeeding no matter how many hours of lactation consulting we did. For that reason, I chose to exclusively pump for her. From early on, she experienced signs of colic, reflux, and food sensitivities. Because of that, I watched my diet closely to hopefully ease her tummy troubles, frequent constipation, and skin irritations. When it came time to supplement, I knew that I wanted to choose a formula I could trust that would be gentle on her stomach. After trying several formulas, we are very thankful for Kabrita Goat Milk Formula.

Can babies under 12m drink Kabrita? With the absence of a Goat Milk Infant Formula in the USA, we understand that many parents have this question. Although Kabrita meets the FDA nutrient requirements for infant formula we do not recommend Kabrita Goat Milk Toddler Formula as the ONLY source of nutrition for either infants or toddlers. Please contact your primary healthcare provider to discuss your child’s nutritional requirements.

We discussed Kabrita with our pediatrician and after she saw the nutritional chart, she agreed that this option would be good for Logan. At 10 months, she now gets a mixture of my breastmilk, Kabrita and three solid meals a day. However, we have been supplementing with Kabrita since she was 3m old. 

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