D is for Dharma Yoga Wheel

Yogis all over Instagram are using these little wheels so I immediately did some investigating. This original yoga wheel is a hand crafted back roller used to open the entire back + shoulders, align the spine, relax muscles, expand the chest and stretch hip flexors + quads. As a runner, I am super tight in all these areas (I don’t have a flexible back either) so I decided to order one of these bad boys. When they say hand crafted, they mean it. It took Dharma 5 weeks to create my wheel before it even shipped.

dharma wheel2

I purchased the basic wheel. The basic wheel is a good place to start for beginners. It is a tiny bit bigger than the wood wheel, and is also cheaper. The basic offers a deeper front stretch. If you’re advanced or super flexible you can order the plus. You can use the wheel to get stretchy or you can incorporate with flow. Some use it for assistance and transitions – see below handstand press Insta video.

So far I really like it. It helps me roll out in ways the foam roller can’t. I’m just starting out but I will keep y’all posted on my progress 🙏



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