F is for Fit Formula Yoga Studio

Sweat Summary
Website: http://www.fitformula.guru
Address: 6236 Main St. Kansas City, MO 64113 | Brookside
Avg. length of class: 1hr
Drop in rate: $17
ClassPass: Yes
Wtfartlek Sweat Scale: 8 out of 10
Best for: Getting stretchy and relaxation

Fit Formula in Brookside offers classes specifically designed around creating a healthy eating plan, intense workout and a more mindful way to look at life. Their yoga classes are heated (not hot) and designed to push your limits. I got sweaty & stretchy at these Fit Formula classes:

Vy – Vinyasa Yoga: Vinyasa was the first class I took at Fit Formula. The instructor Amy played great music and kept things flowing. Before this, I had only been to beginner vinyasa classes so the experience for me was different in the best way possible. (I think I’m hooked.) I was able to challenge myself and try new poses. There are always modifications but I attempted crow pose, birds of paradise, headstand, handstand, side crow, wheel pose and more. Amy is still one of my fave teachers and I love Lindsey Cullen too.

Yf – Yoga Flow: Both Wendy and Jenny are awesome. Yoga flow is a slow flow vinyasa class that allows you to master basic postures and focus on your breath. This is a great class for beginner yogis. We held posses a little longer and took things down a notch to truly unwind. I recently went to Wendy’s class right before Easter and she left us a little surprise Easter egg on our mats after Savasana! Best surprise ever.

Hx – Cardio x Yoga Hybrid: We spent the first half of class working through various vinyasa flows, which really gave my arms a workout. Then we took some time in the middle of class to do some cardio intervals and mindful strength training with weights. We ended with a core workout and Savasana. I can’t wait to try Body Amp with Sharon.

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