S is for SMT Teatox Co. (SkinnyMe Tea)

Per usual, I found this teatox on Instagram via a few lifestyle bloggers that I follow. (I consider myself a tea connoisseur so you can imagine the excitement.) If juicing isn’t for you, this is a different way to detox. As with any detox, you should proceed with caution and do your research – not all are created equal!

SMT Teatox Co. is based in Australia. The program is about more than just their tea. It is about lifestyle changes and healthy eating habits. Click here to see their eating plan. They encourage you to change your diet, exercise and mindfully watch your fluid intake (increased intake of water, herbal teas and other fluids to hydrate, provide antioxidant support and improve energy levels). The goal is to detox your body and flush your system so you feel refreshed and lighter. They claim that by the end of the program you should feel less sluggish and bloated, better skin and feel more energetic. I chose the 14 day teatox. Essentially this option has you drinking loose leaf tea every morning and then cleansing tea every other evening. The cleansing tea does contain Senna, which is a natural herb approved by the Food and Drug Administration as a nonprescription laxative. The first few nights it does contribute to stomach discomfort, cramps, and I’m sure you can guess what comes next (💩). Using it for more than two weeks is discouraged since it can cause abnormal bowel function, which is why you take the cleansing tea every other night.

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The above is the main reason that I chose just the 14 day teatox vs. 28 days. That and eating clean (for me) is super-hard because of the industry I work in. Dining out is very much part of my lifestyle. I concluded my teatox successfully and am actually going give it another shot in June. If anything, it will help me create healthier eating habits that hopefully stick with me throughout the summer!

INSIDE SCOOP (⬅️ see what I did there, lol):

  • Like my Dharma Wheel, the delivery time was insanely slow. I had to wait over a month to receive my teatox from SMT. The good news is, I found a similar product based in Florida! It is all natural, dairy free, soy free, non-gmo, vegan and you get free shipping in the US – however this too contains Senna. Here is one that does not!
  • SMT has a super helpful iPhone app to help you keep track of your tea intake. You even take before and after photos to see your progress.
  • They have a recipe book and teatox eating plan that you can follow, which was super helpful for me. They also have a food and recipe journal that you can print off to keep track of your daily diet.
    • I ended up using MealLogger. It would be cool if they could integrate this with their iPhone app.
  • The first cleansing tea was the worst for me. After that my body adjusted and I had less cramping.
  • In my opinion, the biggest results came from diet and exercise. It really is a multifaceted approach.
  • I recommend drinking plenty of water – at least 100 ounces a day.
  • I also ordered the Acai tea for extra antioxidant power. This is my fave flavor wise.
    • All the teas taste OKAY. Not delicious nor disgusting.
  • Don’t buy the starter pack. I know the infuser is supe-cute but it doesn’t work. The loose leaf falls right through it. I own this stainless steel umbrella infuser and it works much better!
  • They run an inspiring instagram account.
  • Overall, I was satisfied with my results. I was a lighter and healthier version of me.
  • Legal Disclaimers: This program is not recommended for children under 15 years of age, and requires parental supervision for those under 18 years of age. This program is not recommended for those who are pregnant, breastfeeding or elderly. Please consult your health care professional before beginning this or any other program if you are taking medication or suffer from diabetes, high blood pressure or other health conditions.

What are you doing to get your body summer ready? What cleanses have you found and liked? Let me know!

2 thoughts on “S is for SMT Teatox Co. (SkinnyMe Tea)

  1. I have 31 days until the Caribbean… So giving the Florida brand a shot! (#prayers) I dig your product reviews 🙂


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