I is for Iron Tribe Fitness

Sweat Summary
Website: http://www.irontribefitness.com
Address: Several locations in KC area
Avg. length of class: 45min-1hr
Drop in rate: Must be a member
ClassPass: No
Wtfartlek Sweat Scale: 7 out of 10
Best for: Building Muscle and Strength

I recently took a month long hiatus from running and tried something totally out of my element. I have to admit, when asked to collaborate with Iron Tribe I was a little nervous. To me, Iron Tribe was on a similar level to Cross Fit, which consists of Olympic- and power-style weight lifting. I was intimidated and afraid I wasn’t fit enough.


I met with Kevin, the owner of two Iron Tribe locations in KC to see the gym and be convinced. When we met he explained that all members MUST take 101 in order to participate. (101 is a 30-day program that teaches you the basic movements.) I quickly learned that the workouts are for every age, body shape and ability. Iron Tribe is for everyone in the fact that they can scale every movement and/or workout to make it doable for that person’s fitness level. Each gym is capped at 300 members with classes being capped at around 20 so members get plenty of 1:1 love. Knowing all that, I was easily convinced and began my 101 journey.

The OP location is close to me so I chose that gym. I’ve recently become a morning person so I chose the 6:45am classes M-W-F. (They also offer night classes at 6:45pm M-W-Th.) My 101 peers were awesome, I had such a blast getting to know them and why they were there. Some were working on transformations, while others were looking to keep fit. I can’t emphasize enough how much I learned – I feel super strong!


Each workout consisted of 5 parts:

  • Warmup
    • Things like running, rowing, creative games and dynamic stretching
  • Workout break down
    • Here the coaches break down every move in the workout. If there is a complicated move they teach you alternatives and if the workout contains a complicated lift, you practice with PVC pipes & the barbell before adding weight
  • Workout
    • Each workout is for time or reps. (I’m competitive, so I loved this!)
  • Stretch & Cool Down
  • Lecture & Foam Roll
    • During lecture the coaches taught us about recovery, nutrition and wellness

Iron Tribe 1

What to know:

  • Classes are three times a week (12 sessions total)
  • The coaches really stress the importance of not missing classes but don’t worry, if you do miss, they will meet with you 1:1 to make up the workout
  • You do a simple baseline workout the first and last day of 101 to gauge your fitness level and improvement
  • I had three coaches and all were super responsive/supportive during and outside of class. I received several emails from them asking how I was doing and feeling throughout 101 – they really go above and beyond!
  • The coaches believe in a Paleo diet and are active on the JoCo Paleo Facebook Group
    • You can also order Paleo meals through Iron Tribe from Whole Foods
  • The equipment is top-of-the-line
  •  Complex movements we learned
    • Air squat, front squat, back squat and overhead squat
    • Kettlebell swing
    • Press, push press, push jerk
    • Wall balls
    • Deadlifts
    • Power Cleans
    • Snatches
    • Handstand push-ups
    • Knees to elbows
    • Pull-ups & kipping
    • Sumo deadlift high-pull
  • Outside of 101, Iron Tribe hosts fun events like Potlucks and FREE days so you can bring friends & family
  • Don’t be intimidated. Iron Tribe is a welcoming atmosphere. No one in my class was familiar with any of the workouts we did. We were all beginners together.

Interested in Iron Tribe? Comment below and tell me why for a chance to win a free 101 (12 classes)! Winner will be randomly selected by 6/8/15. Only valid at the Leawood and Overland Park locations. 

9 thoughts on “I is for Iron Tribe Fitness

  1. Great post! Don’t enter me to win as I’m already a member. I think this breaks it down really nicely though!


  2. I’ve never heard of Iron Tribe, but sounds really awesome. Was giving up running a must? Would Iron Tribe be a good option for cross training? I recently just signed up for my first half.


    1. Hi Krista! Giving up running isn’t a must actually. It would be really good strength training to help boost your speed. I had just finished a half so I needed to let my body rest a little. I still worked out almost 7 days a week. A mixture of yoga, health house and Fusion Fitness. I think you can easily weave Iron Tribe in to your training… just make sure you taper properly before your race 🙂


  3. Sounds very attractive to someone that needs to step up to a more healthy diet and lifestyle. I’ll be checking them out in the near future. Thanks!

    Liked by 1 person

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