F is for Flywheel Miami Beach

Sweat Summary
Website: https://www.flywheelsports.com/locations/miami-beach
Address: 1919 Purdy Avenue, Miami Beach, FL 33139
Avg. class length: 45min to 1hr
Drop in rate: First class is free // $28
ClassPass: Yes
WTFartlek Sweat Scale: 8 out of 10
Best for: Cardio endurance

Last weekend I ventured to Miami for a friends wedding. We stayed at the adorable Circa 39 and made a long weekend out of it. The weekend was stacked with wedding festivities but we managed to work in Flywheel for a sweaty good time.

circa 39 hotel

We don’t have Flywheel in Kansas so I was super excited to experience it for the first time. Flywheel is an indoor stadium cycling studio. My first class was free and I got free shoe rental. Each class is 45 or 60 minutes long. Classes are led by Flywheel-trained instructors. We went to Amy Segal’s class (she’s bomb!). The Miami Beach studio is conveniently located and parking is only $1!

All rides are choreographed to a playlist and the last few songs you slow down the intensity to lift light weights while still on the bike. Instead of hand weights we used weighted bars, which was a nice surprise. Mostly I enjoyed the technology incorporated. Each bike has a “tech-pack” that allows you to accurately view and adjust resistance (which they call Torq), RPMs and total energy exerted. They take this data and stack you up against other riders in the class. They show all results on flat-screens, which they call TorqBoards. This makes each ride a contest to be won, which is the best kind of encouragement. I’m super competitive so I loved this. All stats are stored in your account, which you can view online or on their handy iPhone app. It also conveniently tells you how many calories you burned.


I have no idea how this stacks up in the world of Flywheel but my total power ended up being 279. I almost hit that 300. I ranked 3rd among all females in the class. My avg. speed was 30 mph and total distance ended up being 21.6 miles. I burned an estimated 762-837 calories.

We have several good cycling options in KC but Mojo Cycling Studio is the only thing remotely similar that I am aware of.


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