‘Tis the season for Garmin

Why I support Garmin, my favorite devices and all the holiday deals. 

My girl Sarah from Indulge recently wrote a blog post about why she wears Garmin. And I instantly thought, duh … why didn’t I think of that? Especially since so many of you out there are on the Apple watch train and ask me a lot via DM why I choose to train with Garmin over other smartwatches. So here we are …

To start, five years ago, I got really into marathoning. A natural move as a runner was to get a Garmin. After all, they are a leader in the industry. My husband being the gem that he is purchased me the Vivoactive HR to boost my training experience and I was immediately hooked to the data.

Being the social butterfly that I am, I immediately started getting involved with the Garmin Fitness community online — sharing my training progress with #garmin and #beatyesterday. Fast forward a bit and I’ve now been a Garmin Ambassador for nearly three years. But regardless of my relationship with them, I’ll always be team Garmin when it comes to training because the tech speaks for itself. I’m a lifer.

So why the heck am I so Garmin obsessed? Here are just a few reasons!

  1. Garmin has a lengthy lead in this space. They have been making GPS sport watches longer than anyone else in the industry and their track record is reliable. They also make devices that are geared toward specific training needs with new wearables being released almost quarterly (or at least it certainly feels that way). Their frequent product launches guarantee that you always have access to the latest and greatest training technology.
  2. Garmin allows you to share data with other apps. Athletes often use more than one tool to track their progress and training efforts. They track workouts with several sensors and devices and then share the data with several other platforms. I love that you can export data from Garmin devices via Garmin Connect.
  3. The devices are designed with athletes in mind. Sure touchscreens are hip and so 2018 but when you’re a sweaty runner, they aren’t ideal. Garmin always strategically places buttons that are easy to find and press when you’re focused on your workout.
  4. Beyond being practical, Garmin watches are also sleek. Over the last few years, Garmin has worked hard to create watches that are functional and fashionable. The new Vivomove HR is a great hybrid example of this. Most of the watch styles come in several colors giving you lots of options. Oh, and did I mention you can customize your watch face with their FaceIt app?
  5. Battery life. Let’s face it, I’m lazy. My iPhone is usually dead on the daily. I love that I can charge up my Garmin and it will last me at least 5 days in smart mode and even longer if I’m not constantly running GPS.
  6. I can put my Garmin on “airplane mode”. My watch allows me to disable or limit the use of ANT, Bluetooth sensors or WiFi. Why is this important to me? I’m continuously working on limiting my exposure to EMFs to better my health. Want to learn more about EMFs? This podcast is SO helpful.
  7. Stress management assistance. Research shows that we struggle to identify stress consistently. Even when we are aware of the stress. Looking at stress from a physiological perspective sidesteps the problem of stress perception. It means being able to account for stress that exists, not just stress that you notice. This feature tracks beat-to-beat changes in your heart, known as heart rate variability, to give you a better scope of the stress that you’re enduring so that you can pivot and hopefully manage it better to improve quality of life.
  8. They support local gals like me. I’m just a tiny micro-influencer but Garmin believes in me and many other local personalities. They are very active in the Kansas City fitness community. I’m NO fitness model either and I’ve shot loads of social media content with them over the years. I appreciate that they recognize that fitness comes in all shapes and sizes. It’s refreshing to work with a brand that celebrates all body types.

I know, so many choices. Here are my favorites to get you started.

Some of the cyber deals are valid now thru 1/5, 11:59 pm CT. 

Forerunner 645 Music (grab it here for $449.99) — or get a free gift card with watch purchase here from Moosejaw with code FREEMONEY. Deal valid until 12/2, gift card must be used by 1/31/2019. Deal details. 
This is the watch you’ll most frequently see on my wrist these days. It’s also the watch featured in my latest giveaway. Running is more than just exercise — it’s a performance. And Forerunner 645 Music has the tools to help you put on an outstanding show every time you lace up your shoes. It features on-device music storage — so you can run with your favorite tunes — and contactless payments that let you buy what you need without missing a beat. With all those features plus advanced running dynamics and performance monitoring tools, this GPS running watch is the instrument you need to refine the performance.


Vivomove HR (currently on sale here for $169.99) 
Fashionably fit is just a tap away with vívomove HR. This stylish hybrid smartwatch features a touchscreen with a hidden display. Real watch hands show the time and dynamically move away when you swipe through your messages, heart rate² and more. It counts your steps and calories while monitoring wellness, including all-day stress tracking² and advanced sleep monitoring.


Vivoactive 3 Music (currently on sale here for $249.99) 
From playing sports to playing your favorite songs, vívoactive 3 Music is the smartwatch for your active life. It features on-device music storage so you can bring your tunes along for every workout. This sporty smartwatch has wrist-based heart rate² and more than 15 preloaded sports apps, so you can choose how you like to get fit. Built-in GPS lets you accurately record outdoor activities.


Fenix 5s plus (Also on major sale for 699.99 here
This is a premium product made by Garmin. It does it all. For athletes and outdoor adventurers, the fēnix 5 Plus Series watches are the high-performance way to beat yesterday and bring your maps and music along. These rugged, premium-crafted watches feature routable color mapping, wrist-based heart rate, storage for up to 500 songs and our Garmin Pay contactless payment solution. I don’t think my husband has taken his off all year. He’s obsessed.


Forerunner 35 (snag it on sale here for $139.99) 
If you’re more into the square watch face and looking for an introductory option, this might just be the place to start. Forerunner 35 is slim and lightweight — perfect for daily runs, training, walking and racing. It features built-in wrist-based heart rate as well as GPS that tracks your distance, steps, pace, intervals and more. And since all these stats are captured by the watch, your watch is all you need — no phone, no chest strap.


Well, there you have it — everything on all things Garmin. I’ve been wanting to do a write up like this for so long and I’m glad I finally got around to it. I hope it was helpful. If you have any questions about these devices, don’t be afraid to DM me on Instagram. Hopefully, you’ll take advantage of these cyber deals until 12/1/18 | 11:59 pm CT. It is not very often they go on sale — I get asked a lot for coupon codes 🙂


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