This is Pregnancy: Part 1

Well folks, I’m 23 weeks today and over halfway there. I’m super pumped to share what life was like in my first trimester because it actually wasn’t a cake walk. I’ll be the first to admit, I had unrealistic visions and goals for my pregnancy and all those were shattered shortly after that positive test. So without further ado, here is my experience. The real/no b.s. version.

Before getting pregnant, I had been surrounded by beautiful pregnancies. Many of my friends had wonderful experiences and loads of influencers I saw online were literally glowing. Based on these observations, I totally assumed that one day I’d be running a half marathon with my bump and still training per usual all while eating my favorite healthy meals. WRONG.

First off, I am beyond grateful. I am over the moon about baby Myers. BUT it’s true what they say,  “the best things in life aren’t easy” and for me … pregnancy has been HARD. My first trimester was one of the most challenging experiences to date. As someone who is pretty in control my “health,” it was difficult to feel helpless. Forget morning sickness, I was nauseous 24-7. Being in the kitchen, thinking about meals, smelling foods and opening the fridge all made me gag. I felt like I was recovery from the stomach flu. NOTHING was appetizing. From weeks 5-12, I pretty much survived on carbs (primarily baked potatoes). Thank goodness for potatoes.

I tried everything for the sickness. All the tips and tricks, but nothing worked. And to make matters worse … I started getting severe headaches and even migraines. My migraines would last 3-7 hrs. Sometimes I’d lose my vision and my hands would tingle. I spent so many afternoons in a dark bedroom just feeling blue. It was hard not being my super active and happy self. I even took two months off from blogging and Instagram because I was so not motivated.

In terms of schedule, I’d wake up around 8:30am. I’d make some breakfast (usually a gf bagel and some orange juice), then I’d head to the gym and train. After, I’d come home and make a small lunch. Then, I’d sleep from 2-5pm. I’d wake up for a short bit and pick at my dinner before going back to bed for the night. I slept SO MUCH. I told my husband that I have so much respect for people who go through this while working a 9-5 or who have kids they have to entertain and take care of. I don’t know how they do it.

At 12 weeks I was approaching my big backpacking trip. I’d be hiking over 40 miles and spending four days in Havasupai. I knew that in order to do that, I’d have to get my symptoms to pass. I started going to an acupuncturist who specialized in fertility and maternity. During my treatments, she treated me for all the things! I also tested my Thyroid and B Vitamins and got both of those balanced and in check. Around 18 weeks, I was symptom-free, which is pretty typical because I was finally in my second trimester.

Now, I’m totally writing this to share my honest experience. I don’t want to scare anyone! I know Instagram can seem like a giant highlight reel and I want everyone to know that this is how I REALLY felt. I totally embrace the not so wonderful moments. And there was a ton of beauty in those vulnerable weeks. As the weeks went by, we got to see him/her grow and there was SO MUCH JOY above everything else. Every pregnancy is different. My next experience may even be totally different. And all experiences are valid. I’m proud of my journey and how far I’ve come. As the final month’s pass and I enter my third trimester, I know there will be more challenges to come but I welcome them with acceptance and open arms.

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