H is for Health House

Sweat Summary
Website: http://www.healthhousekc.com/
Address: 8029 State Line Rd. KC, MO 64114
Avg. length: 30-45min
Drop in rate: $25
ClassPass: Yes
WTFartlek Sweat Scale: 10 out of 10
Best for: Cardio + Toning

Like most things I am going to try on this blog, I am a Health House newbie. This boutique-style fitness facility (also known as a “wellness implementation facility”) was featured in INK recently so I was eager to give it a go. Technically this is my running offseason so I am working on getting my strength back after doing 6 half marathons in 2014.


Naturally, I ended up doing three classes in two days (not for newbies) and am hooked now + super sore. Rowing is a total body workout but low-impact and I’m convinced this will make me a faster runner. Four hand blisters later, I purchased an 8 class package. Did I mention it is located next door to t. Loft?


  • Power 10:
    • When they say ultimate cardio workout they mean it. I rowed my a$$ off and I was totally breathless. During this class you row and do mat work but I felt like I was rowing 75% of the time. I blame this class for my blisters.
  • Six Pack Circuit:
    • Finally! I have been searching high and low for classes in KC that focus solely on my gut. For 30 minutes this class is all about core mixed with a little cardio (high knees + jumping jacks). Bonus points for using gliders. They are my fave and so effective. At times the back room got a little tight so if the class is full just expect to be close to your neighbor. Try also Stability Ball Sculpt and Downton “Ab”bey for core conditioning.
  • Elevation
    • Like Six Pack Circuit and Stability Ball this class is in the back room and there is no rowing. We used the wall, bar, mat and gliders. The exercises we did targeted the main muscle groups. Head to toe. The highlight was when we put our legs up on the bar and went into plank position with our hands on the mat and began to do spider crunches. (My obliques still hurt.)
  • Shockwave:
    • 8 circuit stations for 3 laps with two rowing stations per lap. The first lap we rowed 250 meters, the second lap we rowed 300 meters and the third lap we rowed 200 meters (all out sprints). You row about 1.5k meters total. The other stations hit key muscle groups; core, arms and legs. The rowing portion is fun because people get competitive and try to finish first. This of course is awesome motivation. THIS CLASS IS NO LONGER ON THE SCHEDULE TEAR. Instead try a new class: Ladders, H3 or Hells Bells.
  • House of Cards:
    • I love this class with Tara! This fast paced class is inspired from the Military’s Navy Seals, House of Cards pays tribute to the ultimate strength and conditioning workout utilizing all 52 cards in the deck, each card representing a different exercise and the number on the card representing how many reps.
  • Downton ‘Ab’bey: 
    • This is a fun circuit workout that focuses on your core. Generally this class is taught by Corey or Tara. I always tell newbies that this is a good class to try first. Not because the class is easy but because there isn’t a ton of rowing, which can be intimidating.
  • Cardio Bomb:
    • If you loathe jump roping this class isn’t for you but trust me, it will get your heart rate pumping! During this cardio circuit you will also row and work on strength training. Prepare to have your butt kicked by Tanya.
  • Dynamic Duo: 
    • This class always gets me. Every time I swear it gets tougher! This is typically a partner workout consisting of rowing and mat work. While I rowed my partner did mat work and then we switched. You might use a medicine ball or Bulgarian weight bag during the mat work portion. Sometimes near the end of class there is a fun competition. You and your partner race others to see who can row 2k meters the fastest! Good luck.


I’ve had no issues so far booking classes. I have not had to get on a waitlist but Saturday morning classes are popular so keep that in mind. Not all classes are available on Class Pass.

Extra Credit: Watch rowing how-to videos online before attending. You’ll thank me later and so will your biceps. Oh and dress to impress while you’re at it!


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