Health House x What the Fartlek event recap

My first charity workout event was a huge success. After spending the last year networking with studio and gym owners and really building those relationships, I wanted 2016 to be about giving back. I celebrated my blogs first birthday in February so it was perfect timing to kick things off.


At first, this was extremely intimating. I was terrified no one would want to come and I’d be begging people to show up. If something scares you, it usually means you should do it… so I did it and I am so happy that I did. To my surprise, the event sold out in just a few hours!


So here we are. On Thursday night, I hosted a charity workout event at Health House to raise funds for the Victory Project. Guests arrived around 6:30pm and we had a packed house. Not one rower was open.



Jon got things started with a typical Dynamic Duo session, which is a partner workout. One person does a set of intervals on the rower, while the other does mat work and then they switch. This goes on throughout class and ensures a sweaty good time. The energy at the event was killer and the tunes were on point. All my peeps crushed the workout.



Once the sweaty party was over, we handed out a few surprises to class MVPs and announced our raffle winners. Anyone who made a donation was entered for a chance to win.


Post raffle we took a group pic, mingled and enjoyed delicious juice and snacks from Simple Science.


To be honest, I can’t imagine a better way to celebrate the blogs first birthday. We all put in work for a great cause. I saw some familiar faces and some new ones, which is always awesome. Overall, we raised over $800 to help local kids in need. To all, a big freaking thank you!


I’m looking forward to my next charity workout event. Look out for future invites on my Insta, @wtfartlek. 


Big shouts for all who made this event possible; Jon at Health House, Charlie Hustle Shop, Houlihan’s, Namastamy, Nike KC, Sporting KC and Simple Science Juices. You guys rock.

PC: Angela Padilla
More: Event Album 





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