Sweat & Reset Event Recap

After nearly three years of blogging and doing this whole Instagram thing, I find it so important now to connect with people in real life. Sure it’s great to link up and chat online but it really doesn’t get much better than spending time face to face. Good old fashioned bonding, friendship and community.

Every time I’m in Kansas City, I make a serious effort to host charity workout events to connect with my local followers and my friends. It is one of my favorite ways to give back to the community. I’ve done nearly 10 now and I can say that it’s been so much fun bringing people together to sweat for a good cause. My goal is always to get y’all to step outside of your comfort zone and perhaps try something new!

In January, Rachel (@rach.carey) and I hosted Sweat & Reset at lululemon to benefit MOCSA. Strong – Confident – Centered was the theme for our workout. We wanted to start 2019 on a positive note! While the new year can represent a refreshing fresh start, it’s also common to put loads of pressure/expectations on ourselves to complete new goals. It’s important to kick things off feeling strong, confident and centered so we can release that stress and just feel excited about the journey ahead.

We partnered up with Health House KC and Wellness with Paige to bring our guests a well-rounded workout that would empower them. We did a combo of HIIT and Yoga Nidra.

Event Details: 

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