P is for Power Life Yoga

Sweat Summary
Website: http://powerlifeyoga.com/
Address: 2 locations – South Plaza & Corinth Square
Avg. length of class: 45min-1hr
Drop in rate: $20 (or 1 week free your first time)
ClassPass: No
Wtfartlek Sweat Scale: 8 out of 10
Best for: yoga (see below for more class details)


Adam and Stephanie Geneser opened their first yoga studio in Des Moines in 2012. The studio features challenging yoga and barre classes in a heated environment of 85 to 100 degrees. The couple expanded to the south Plaza location in Kansas City fall of 2015 and Corinth Square opened most recently this spring. The couple now owns 6 locations in the midwest.


The culture at Power Life is more than just yoga. It’s about community, purpose and building healthy neighborhoods. The individual studios often hold free local events in the community to rally their clients to create a sense of togetherness. Before each class, there is always a five minute introduction period where you have to introduce yourself to someone you don’t know in class and tell them about yourself. At the core, they believe in making the community better so a lot of their events benefit charities like The Hannah Geneser Foundation. A foundation that is near and dear to their hearts.


This July, PLY is doing a Pay it Forward (20/30) summer challenge. The challenge is to take 20 classes in 30 days. During each visit, you’ll receive a corn kernel, which represents Power Life’s donation to one of three charities of your choosing. You simply drop your corn kernel in to one of the three charity jars. For Kansas City, those three charities are The Hannah Generser Foundation, Special Operations Warrior Foundation and Humane Society of Greater Kansas City. The challenge runs now through 8/5.


The Kansas City locations are a place of acceptance and support. Starting out at a new studio can be quite intimidating but PLY welcomes you with open arms. It’s not uncommon for people to hangout after class and socialize in the locker rooms or community area.



Beyond the practice, you’ll find stellar locker rooms with showers and awesome apparel from both name brands and local peeps. (☝️You’ll find Namastamy tanks here!) They also have yoga gear for purchase and you can rent towels.



I’ll go in to detail about the classes I dig below but the first thing that absolutely stood out to me were the floors. Sounds silly but they are amazing! At first glance they appear to be hardwood but once your toes touch the squishy goodness, you’ll realize that it is padded flooring. This is harder on your balance but great on your joints and super awesome for inversions. It’s not like what you’ll see at Yoga Six or Raw Power either, there is just the right amount of firmness. But I digress …


PLY Class Breakdown

Power 1: This class is gently heated and moderately paced, which is a great intro for newbies. It’s also refreshing for seasoned yogis. This class will breakdown movements so you understand the proper alignment for each pose. Here you might learn baby crow or crow pose.

Power 1.5: This class builds on Power 1. The rooms gets hotter, the flow gets faster and more challenging postures are introduced. Progress from crow to flying squirrel or side crow!

Power 2: A more challenging power yoga class that focuses on engaging your entire body through a demanding, fast-pased yoga practice. The room gets super hot and humid–you’ll for sure drench your attire. This class also seems to be more diverse from teacher to teacher, allowing each instructor to add their personal touch and creativeness to the flow. Power 2 will introduce you to inversions and more bendy poses like king pigeon or compass pose. If you’re not super flexible (shout out to all my non-flexible runner friends), don’t fret. The instructor will walk you through the journey to get there. It might not happen that day but after some practice, you’ll be amazed at what you can learn in a matters time.

Sculpt: This hybrid yoga class incorporates strength and core combing yoga and cardio. The room is heated and weights are used as you flow.

Cardio Barre: This is barre with a twist. If you’re a loyal reader, you know I am not a huge fan of traditional barre. My body just doesn’t tuck and move that way. Barre at PLY is my kind of barre–it’s more of an athletic blend. This class is high energy and combines mat work with barre, cardio and weights. You’ll even end with Savasana.

F.I.T.: This functional interval training class is more like a mini bootcamp. You’ll burn max calories in a short period of time. The room is not heated for this class. Classes are express and usually just 35 minutes. Perfect for a lunchtime sweat.

Have you been to Power Life Yoga yet? What did you think? Comment below and let me know! 


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